Carp sits, Reyes starts

Cardinals have bagged Chris Carpenter for today. Anthony Reyes will start on 3 days rest, going about 60 pitches or so. They’ll hold Carpenter back in hopes of using him in Game 1 of the Division Series. If a game is needed tomorrow, Carpenter will pitch then.



Good. That’s the move.

Good call, ML !

finally! they listen to Leach!

btw, it’s on a weekend like this that i realize why i don’t like football – college or pro. on sat. FOX shows the cards game, but i’m in NC, so i get some “local” college game becuase my fox affiliate is in greenville, sc. so of course, it makes more sense to televise the LSU/Mississippi St game during the cards game and then show the dodgers/giants game. ON THE EAST COAST! so then today, an important day in baseball, i get nothing except for the braves game on Turner South. I know of no other sport whose final games of the season aren’t televised b/c another sport has started. the televise the final weekend of college and pro football even though basketball has begun. ditto college basketball when baseball begins. so i’m stuck here at the computer checking the “gameday” box score. ok. tirade over.

Albert Who??? Ryan Howard is MVP!!!

sieburg, I’m in the same boat you are, except I’m smack dab in the middle of Cardinal country in NW Arkansas. And they are showing the the **** Cowboys game instead of the regular seson finale against the Brew crew.I hate FOX. Which ***** cause I’ll probably end up working for them after graduation.

And what is this BS lineup LaRussa threw out there on the last day??? We NEED this win!!!! Miles at SS, Encarnacion in center??? TLR is assuming we’re gonna be in the playoffs. IT’S NOT A DONE DEAL!!!! ***!!!!

Thank you, Bob Wickman.He set the Stros down in order in the ninth. NOW, it is a done deal. We’re in even if we lose today. But I don’t like the presumptious way the Cards seem to going about their business. If it were game 5 of the division series, I bet you wouldn’t see Eckstein and Edmonds on the bench. And this game should have been managed as such, because if the Astros had beaten the Braves then we would NEED that win in order to avoid playing the make-up game tomorrow, and have to use Carp in that game AND HAVE TO WIN THAT GAME in order to not be sent home or have to play a tiebreaker against Houston.

Ok, I understand the thinking behind saving Carp and using Reyes; however, when Reyes fell apart early, why did TLR wait to pull him? Then, he finally pulled him and put in Hancock who was fine. All of a sudden Hancock is gone and “Sock-um-out-Sosa” is throwing another homerun ball! After Houston lost to the Braves, we will slip into the championship via the backdoor; however, know this: we must have better managing and playing and pitching if we go anywhere in the playoffs! Go Cards! Overcome all the odds and bad decisions! Win in spite of it all!

Just FYI, it wasn’t Hancock, it was Thompson. How much longer would you have gone with him than 2 1/3 innings? You don’t want to blow the guy out.


Funny you should bring up the “blow the guy out” concern, because one of the many complaints I have with the way TLR and Duncan handled the pitching staff this year is that there is no obvious “long relief” guy out of the pen. It’s not rare at all to have situations where you want a guy to stop the bleeding and go 4 innings of so, to reduce the wear and tear on the rest of the pen; indeed, through much of baseball history, there were relievers that specialized in that role.

Matthew, I agree that leaving Thompson in for that duration now would indeed “blow the guy out” at a most inopportune time. But why not anoint a long-relief specialist early enough in the season that it wouldn’t have been a strain to use him in that role now? You spend more time with these guys than I do, obviously; do you think it would have worked? Why not try it, maybe with Thompson or Hancock? Am I missing something?

Matthew, sorry about mixing up Hancock and Thompson! I was a bit upset when I wrote that opinion! I stand corrected. Thanks for keeping me in check.


I was worried about not starting Carp but it worked out fine. I have spent the afternoon pondering a few things. It’s a given that Carp will start game one. Game 2 will also be in San Diego, I think that Weaver would be a better choice for game 2 that Suppan. He is better on the road and Suppan is better at home. The ERA difference for Weaver home/road is very much in his favor to pitch game 2. This will be a very tough series for the Cards. Thoughts?

Oh yeah, it should be tougher, but anything can happen. I remember last year when Peavy was about the only Padres starting pitching weapon. Roles reversed? Well maybe Weaver, and probably Suppan will pull out decent starts.

But who is going to hit cleanup? The Cards, for now, seem misearble at scoring runs. I think we hope that somehow, magically, Rolen witll hit the ball with authority more often, Eckstein will be healthy, and Jimmy will return like the Jimmy of old. Please no Encarnacion in the cleanup spot.

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