What I'd Do/What They'll Do

I’d hold Carpenter back today, then pitch him Monday if there were a game. Otherwise he goes in Game 1 of the DS, with a couple of extra days, and then in Game 4 on regular rest. I expect they’ll pitch him today, though. He could then go in Game 2 on short rest, but I’m not sure how good an idea that is.

I haven’t left for the park yet. I’ll update y’all as soon as I can on what the decision is.



I’m with you on all counts. Thing is, though, who goes today if you do that? Narveson? He pitched Thursday, not a lot but maybe too much. Reyes? It’s short rest, only one day’s worth, but that’s still too much with a young arm. Bullpen game? The mind boggles …

I think TLR committed to Carp for this one several days ago, by way of his bullpen usage. One of the points he made in “Three Nights in August” was the need for thinking ahead. Using Narveson on Thursday was surely not done without a plan in mind; that plan was to use Carp today.

That said, I’d still risk Narveson in this one and hope for the best.

Sit Carp out until Monday. This is not a must win. I would definitely pitch him Monday, you can not take a chance on going to Houston. Braves will take care of it for us anyway with Smoltz on the mound

I completely agree. In fact, I was just about to blog that if it were up to me, I woudn’t use Carp today and that I thought all of Cardinal nation would disagree with me. Apparently, I was wrong.



Unless the game in Atlanta is out of hand, there is no way I’d not pitch Carp today. This team has seemed so fragile emotionally, at least that’s the way it looked to me.

Any news on what the Astros are gonna do pitching wise? There are rumors floating about Oswalt going today. If not, let’s hope this kid Sampson gets shellacked early and often, and Larussa can send someone other than CC out there today.

Matthew, if you’re TLR, do you have Carp on a less-than-usual pitch count today, or does it matter in terms of availability? I’m not sure it does. However, if he can come back a day earlier if the count is held to, say, 70, I’d sure be tempted.

Looks like it’s Sampson in Atlanta, but I’m sure that every pitcher on the Houston roster is available for today if it comes to that.


Um. And that has what to do with what?


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