Happy birthday, dear M.

Mrs. Dude here…

Today is Matthew’s birthday.  If it’s not too much trouble, could you all post some birthday wishes in the comment section? 



Happy Birthday, dear Matthew. What a wonderful day it was 32 years ago! Wish we could all be together today.


Ah yes, a day of celebration. Best wishes and thanks for the Cards coverage.

P.S. I want an IPOD. I am an older dude, but still need music suggestions.

Your birthday gives me pause to think back over your 32 years. Every one of them brings a smile. Plus, you are one really funny Dude.



Happy Birthday, Matt!

Happy B-Day Dude !

Been fun blogging with you this year.

Hey Matthew, happy birthday. Keep up the good work as the Cards’ MLB beat writer. Maybe they’ll win the World Series for your 32nd birthday this year.

Have a good one, man.


In the Cards


Happy birthday, and may both life and marriage last long….

Happy Birthday Matthew! And Many, Many More! Love, Patti and Dennis

Happy Birthday ML. Keep up the excellent work. I love reading your blog and everything on stlcardinals.com

Happy birthday!!! I hope you get to eat at someplace really nice!

Happy Birthday, M! We appreciate the work you do. GO CARDS!

happy birthday!🙂

Happy birthday, Kiddo. Covering the Cardinals, married to a librarian–what more could you ask for?

Happy Birtday Matthew. Very proud of you. All the best to you and Mrs. Dude! Love, Harrison Family

ML – Many happy wishes on your birthday. What could you ask for though? You have it all. Fab wife, great job, great parents . . . ! : )
Happy birthday and thanks for another great year, as well. Becky

Thanks a ton, everybody.

Not ideal to be away from home today, but y’all are helping. Hope everybody’s well.


happy bday Leach! By the way Carp owns the 2nd best era in the league…your recent piece says third.

Go birds

Happy happy happy birthday! All the best, man – can’t wait till the next time we can all get together.


Happy Birthday,M. It stinks being away from family, but “Hey,***** it dude.Let’s go bowling. I got the first two oat sodas…unless you’d rather have a caucasian.

M-Thanks for all the work you do for us with your blogging and your writing. It means a ton to all of us! Also, I don’t know if you remember me from threeish years ago (Ha! doubtful), but you responded to an email that I sent you asking a few questions about your occupation as a writer, and I wanted to let you know that it meant a lot to me, so thanks and happy birthday!

Happy Birthday dude! And may you have many more🙂

Happy Birthday Matt. Thanks to your blog I’ve been able to keep up with the Cardinals all season during my busy schedule. Keep up the awesome work and spreading the love of the Big Lebowski. Later.

Happy Birthday! I’m sorry to have missed you at Favazzo’s, though your wife and I had a great time.🙂

Enjoy SD!

Hola Mateo,

Happy birthday! You’re rockin’ the *** off of sports journalism. Keep up the good work.

You’re going to have to wait until spring training for another round of indie rock which will hopefully ween you from that infernal Pearl Jam and Metallica habit of yours.

Go birds!

Oh believe me, I get PLENTY of mileage out of that amazing mountain of indie rock. Some great stuff in there.


Happy Birthday! (a day late) Love your stuff. Go Cards!!

Yet another belated BDay wish for you Matt. I enjoy reading your insightful comments and hope that you and your family have more than just one day of joy.

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