Travel day tidbits

First, thanks again to everyone for the well wishes. Means a lot — and thanks to the Mrs. for prodding everyone.

Here are some bits from our chat with TLR this afternoon. The team is not working out at PETCO Park today.

* Weaver will start Game 2, Suppan Game 3 and Carpenter Game 4. He would not divulge a Game 5 starter.

* Edmonds made the trip, had a cortisone injection for his painful foot and is expected to be able to play. Flying was not an issue.

* Josh Hancock has been cleared to pitch. TLR said there are no players who have lingering health issues that will keep them off the roster.

* Would not divulge the full roster today.



If Carp wins, we sweep. I really like the decision to hold Supp to the third game, and throw Dream Weaver 2nd. He’s been a lot better on the road, and Supp’s been better at home.

Thank goodness Jimmy’s on the roster. And I like having Hancock available.

Let’s go Birds.

I really like the call pitching Weaver game 2 on the road and saving Suppan for home. I’m going to be interested to see the full roster (two or three lefties). Big game. Ready to roll.

Agreed on all counts. The comments about “lingering health issues” is interesting. Might Eckstein, etc., have been hiding in the bushes a little bit? (Note that I exempt Edmonds from this inquiry; not much doubt that he was marginal.)

What a terrible way to celebrate a division title. Losing 5-0 and our fans doing the Braves chant…Ugh!
Well, at least we’re in.Now let’s see if we can do what we couldn’t do just a few days ago…beat the Padres. I like the decision to go with Weaver in game 2 also. Isn’t it amazing how much trash was talked about him as we traded for him, and now he’s our game 2 starter. AND he does have some post season experience…although it was against us and we beat him up. LET’S GO CARDS! SURPRISE EVERYONE.!!! It’s a new season and we’re just as good as anyone at this point.

To clarify on the quesiton about health stuff…

I asked that, TLR didn’t bring it up on his own accord. I basically asked a catch-all question as to whether health concerns would keep anyone off the roster. I had in mind Eckstein, Edmonds and Hancock, and he basically said that none of those guys would be kept off the roster by their issues.


Shaun – we lost 5-3. Duncan, Pujols, and Speizio all went yard in the ninth.
I thought the tomohawk chop was funny, and quite indicative of how this season has gone.

I know we lost 5-3. But when our guys were celebrating the Astros loss in the fifth, we were losing 5-0. And it’s fine if you and others think the tomahawk chop was funny, but I don’t.

I was at the game Saturday, and I was doing the tomahawk chop myself. For me, it was saying thank-you to the Braves for beating the Houston @$$holes, but also poking fun at Houston. I thought the celebration was perfectly justified. The Cards are in the post-season, one way or the other. No they haven’t won games lately, but if they hadn’t won earlier in the season they wouldn’t be here either. People seem to forget that the team has to win all season, which they have, and not just at the end.

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