I preface this by saying that predicting postseason series is a fool’s errand. I believe that strongly. The Royals can beat the Yankees in a five-game series. Anything can happen. With that said, here are my predictions…

Padres over Cards in 5; Mets over Dodgers in 4
Padres win NLCS in 6 or 7

This is the only compromised pick, because I expected the Twins to win today, and now I’m picking with one game of hindsight. It definitely changes my selection, because I think the A’s have the pitching advantage any time Santana doesn’t pitch. So I now say A’s in 4.
And Yankees in 4.
Yanks win NLCS in 5 or 6

World Series
Hate to say it, but I think the Yankees are the team to beat. If they face San Diego, I see them winning it in 5 or 6.



Did you make that Mets prediction before you found out about El Duque? not even one day into the post-season and already everything’s been turned on its head.

btw the fire in the eyes of the Cardinals today is something that the fans have been looking for out of this team for a while now. it’s nice to see the passion back, from Carpenter pumping his fist on the mound to the Jeter-esque jumps off the bench on a well-hit ball. I love the way Scotty Rolen legged out that double. it’s those little things that can get a team going? knowing what you know about Rolen, could something like that aggressive get him swinging a hot bat again?

I loved the desire to win. I know we were pl;aying the Padres, not the ’27 Yanks, but that still felt reall good. Real good.

The Cards over the Pads in 4.

The Dodgers over the Mets in 4.

The Yankees over Detroit in 3.

The Twins over the A’s in 5.

Round 2

The Cards over the Dodgers in 6.

The Yankees over the Twins in 6.

World Series-

The Yankees over the Cards in 4.

After seeing tuesday game, do yo still say padres in 5? I’d say we have to win carpenter’s game on sunday, and only one out of the other three, so we are better than 50-50 now. We have a more experienced post season team (my impression), and pride is at stake big time, and we also have the voodoo of padres being 0-7 against us in post season.

here are my picks

cards in 5

mets in 4

a’s in 5

yankees in 4(even though i hate them more than any one else exept the cubs and astros)mets in 5

yanks v.s. mets win the dance

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