Roster and lineup

Today’s Lineup:
1. Eckstein, SS
2. Duncan, LF
3. Pujols, 1B
4. Edmonds, CF
5. Rolen, 3B
6. Encarnacion, RF
7. Belliard, 2B
8. Molina, C
9. Carpenter, RHP

Rest of the roster: Wilson, Miles, Marquis, Spiezio, Bennett, Hancock, Flores, Weaver, Suppan, Looper, Thompson, Wainwright, Kinney, Rodriguez, Johnson, Taguchi

Last cuts, according to TLR: Schumaker, Vizcaino, Reyes, Sosa



If we make it to game 5, will it be Marquis or Weaver on short rest? Either way, I don’t like our chances if it comes to that

It’ll be Weaver. He announced that today. It’ll be in my notes.


Why is Jason Marquis on the roster? He’s not gonna pitch, and he’s not THAT good of a pinch hitter. I’d rather have Vizcaino, if for no other reason than he can at least play defense AND pinch hit.So…what gives?

Mopup reliever.

About Weaver, I can see the logic about him being better at away games…BUT his post-season ERA is almost 10!
Might it be better to start a under-achieving Marquis than a Weaver that apparently can’t handle the post season pressure?

earlier this year i was watching a game and marquis pinch-hit.I THINK IT WAS AGIANST THE CUBS SO I THINK WHAT THE HECK!!any way he strikes out.. he might have been a good hitter last year but you dont pinch-hit a pitcher when you have a guy like j-rod. and they sure didnt keep em’ on the roster to pitch so whats up?!

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