Rolen sits; Spiezio starts

Scott Rolen is not in today’s starting lineup. Haven’t heard the official explanation, but presumably it’s a combination of his slump and his rough numbers against Woody Williams. Scott Spiezio is in at third base, batting seventh. The other switch is that Preston Wilson is in the 2 hole and left field, one would assume due to Williams’ reverse platoon split.



I think this is the correct move. Rolen can be used to pinch hit if needed, plus his shoulder gets a rest. Spezio has had good at bats lately, and Wilson is a good choice.

I’m a Dodgers fan who will certainly be cheering the Cards on. Certainly I know how the Padres fans feel playing against you. A tall order to beat Carpenter at home.

Good luck to the Cards and to you all.


A mournful Dodgers fan.

Oh Lindaphayes,
Heard that Rolen is still recovering from the last years injury. The Cards fully expected this to happen late in the season – getting fatigued. According to the report, he will be 100% by next years spring training. What a gamer he is to play as hard as he has. Wish he were a Dodger.🙂

Well, the moves may have looked weird, but they sure worked. Congratulations to one and all, and full credit to Speez in particular.

Matthew, do you have a sense of how big a deal this Rolen problem is? Do you expect we’ll see him back for the Mets at something approaching 100%? Or is he sufficiently dinged up that they’ll give consideration to holding him out? That is an option, right? You’re stuck with a roster for the duration of a series, but can juggle it before the next one starts — can’t you?

Speaking of which, it would be nice to make a Reyes-for-Marquis swap before going to NYC, IMHO. A fourth starter that you can trust, at least slightly, would be good to have for the NLCS. (I’m certainly not advocating bringing Reyes in in place of Rolen, sore shoulder or no sore shoulder.🙂 )

Rolen has not been able to handle the fastball, especially up in the zone, teams have done their homework and that is all that he will see. Spezio is the right choice for now.

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