Reyes on, Marquis off

The roster for the NLCS is set, with only one change from the Division Series. Reyes is on, making him the probable Game 4 starter, and Marquis is off.

A full story will be appearing on shortly, so please do go and check that out for further details. Thanks.


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Thanks, Matt.

I’m not surprised with this decision. Marquis has such promise but for whatever reason he seems unwilling to take instruction from Duncan and LaRussa. I know he had that problem with Atlanta, but I also thought maturity would eventually win out. Guess I was wrong, at least for now. I assume this is the precursor for Marquis being traded in the off season. I wish him well because he did give us excitement (and wins) from time to time. Go Cards! Take the Division and then the Series!

They can’t trade Marquis because he is eligible for free agency. But the underlying point is correct — I expect he has made his last start in a Cardinals uniform.


a good and bad move.a good move because marquis is doing horrible,but he is agood hitter ,but his job is to pitch not hit.Also,Reyes isnt that good either, but Matt ,I agree with you ,marquis is done as a cardinal p.s.Best wishes to the Lidle family.

Marquis is done. He’s BEEN done. And his hitting production is down so much it doesn’t make sense to keep him around. I think they should have made the move sooner. The sooner Reyes gets a taste of the post-season by hanging around and getting his head in the game, the sooner he’s ready to PLAY in the post season.

I think we were fortunate to not need Reyes for some bullpen relief and that is a blessing. But I still think he should have been available during the Padres series.

Due to Wednesday’s rain, it’s tempting to want to move Carp up a day. He had full rest during the Padre series and an extra day prior to that series. Don’t we really really really need to win game one against the Mets? I think TLR should do it. Whatya think?

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