TV and weather

Greetings, all…

Sorry I’ve been less on top of things lately. Between the travel and the longer days at the park, it’s a little harder to squeeze in time for the blog. But I wanted to put a couple thoughts in y’all’s heads going forward.

First, for all who have groaned over the past couple years because of the Cardinals’ seeming second-class status in the eyes of FOX, that’s not the case this time around. The NLCS is the clear choice of FOX over the ALCS, airing in prime time for every game except possibly Game 6. In the event that the ALCS had a Game 7, then Game 6 of this series would be in the afternoon. Otherwise, no need to skip work to watch the games.

Second, something that those of you not in NY may not be aware of — the weather. Apparently the forecast calls for decent chances of rain over these two days. While that would be absurdly frustrating for those of us who don’t fly on charters, it could benefit the Cards. If Game 2 were bumped back to Friday due to a rainout, Chris Carpenter could go in Games 2 and 6, rather than 3 and 7. Just something to be aware of; I don’t really expect rainouts, but it’s something to have in the back of your head.

-M, in Queens.

(currently playing on the iPod: Bob Dylan, Modern Times. Hooray for birthday presents!)


Thanks for the update. BTW – Any word on the final roster for the LCS?

Just about to put that up.


What’s your opinion of Modern Times? I’ve heard good things, but I wasn’t a huge fan of Love and Theft or Time out of Mind. (I hope this isnt considered highjacking the thread…)

Through a couple listens, I like it quite a lot. I never really had either of the previous two grab me, but then, I didn’t give them a lot of time either. I’ll have to go back, because I’m pretty pleased with Modern Times thus far.

-M. (I wouldn’t mention the music if I didn’t like to talk about it!)

I am still convinced of the second-class status of the Cards when it comes to tv broadcasts, the fact that we are playing a New York team is the reason we get the prime slot.

O.K. Matthew, that is just spooky. You always have good insights, but I just got the word about the rain-out and then read your blog with that as a possibility, AND you suggested the game 2 & 6 start for Carpenter… though Tony has not tipped his hand yet. Nice call.

Hope that comment makes up for the unfortunate choice of words “afraid” wish I had used “due to discretion” or something not as negatively charged. Keep up the good work HarlanK, Manchester, IA

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