Night game Friday

MLB has just announced that tomorrow’s NLCS game will be a night game. TV time is 7 p.m. CT. The press release lists a start time of 7:05 p.m. CT, but I expect it will be a few minutes later than that. It will be carried on FOX (KTVI channel 2 in STL). The AL game has been moved up to the afternoon.

Looks like a short night of sleep before a morning flight on Saturday, but oh well. Glad I’m staying near the airport.



Speaking of short rest, will Weaver’s pitch count tonight be a huge issue with him slotted for game 5 on 3 days rest? He hasn’t really gone real deep into a game much, but still has those quality starts. I think that would be even more reason to start Carpenter on his normal rest on Friday in New York. He’s a big inning eater and can give a little break to the pen if they’re needed early tonight because of a pitch count. Just my 2 1/2 cents. Love the blog. Will you still do this in the off season? Later. BC

Matthew, if you don’t want to do that gig, send me your plane tickets, press pass, etc., and we’ll see what we can work out. Always happy to help.🙂

Seriously, I’ve read that the reason for that game time is the weather — specifically that Detroit is going to be “cold,” quote unquote, Friday night. I’m not unsympathetic to this, for a number of reasons, not least that baseball played in 40-degree temperatures just doesn’t _feel_ right. However, I don’t recall game times in previous years being affected by this consideration. Is it as new as it seems to be?

I think it’s a justification, but not the actual reason. I’m fairly sure the reason is TV. FOX would always rather have this series in prime time.

I may be wrong, but that’s my read on it.


Yeah, I’m pretty sure america would rather watch the Mets and Cards. At least I’ll get to watch the game instead of having to pretend to work/”take a late lunch.”

If we play ’em Friday as well as we did Thursday, I think we can take these guys. We hit some bad luck Thursday, but the team didn’t go to sleep and the Mets can’t catch four line-outs and pitch a shutout every night.

Listening to the new Yo La Tengo record and THE HEAT IS ON!

Hey, just wanted to give a big shout-out to Jeff Weaver. Maybe you can pass it on, Matt. The man is playing pretty scrappy lately and way above what he showed in LA and even St. Louis earlier in the season. To only give up two runs in 11+ innings and help us win one and be in another game… I’m pretty impressed. It’s always nice to see guys step-up and deliever above and beyond what was expected. I hope he gets more chances in the playoffs this year and earns himself a solid spot in the rotation for next… I’m rooting and praying for him…

I echo tpwasylu’s Weaver comments; a great outting. until the 6th he was pitchin better than Glavine, and of course all Tim McCarver and Joe Buck could talk about was Glavine. Give Weaver some credit for remaking himself in a Cards uniform this fall. While I had that sinking feeling when Beltran stepped up to the plate in the 6th, it wasn’t because of Weaver; it was because of Beltran. Weaver pitched well enough to win that game – let’s hope the Cards’s bats pick up in game 2 and that Weaver, if he gets the ball for game 5, pitches as well at home as he’s been pitching on the road.

And I love the fact that picture guy is listening to Yo La Tengo AND Glen Frey’s “The Heat is On.” Awesome.

Finally, Matthew: what’s your opinion of the cold weather expected tonite? does it hurt either team more? does Carpenter pitch fewer innings than usual because it might be difficult to keep his arm warm? are the home-run Mets going to suffer more from deader air?

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