Spiezio in for Rolen

Just got here and grabbed a lineup, and Scott Rolen is not in. Spiezio is starting in his place, batting fifth. Chris Duncan is in LF and batting second, Edmonds is in CF and batting cleanup.

I’ll have a brief story on this up on the site in a few minutes, and a longer take on it with quotes and all later in the evening.



To tell you the truth this is music to my ears. I love Scott Rolen but he needs to rest.Let’s be honest Scott Rolen hasn’t been producing this postseason. During the season I disagreed with some of LaRussa’s lineups , but so far this postseason I agreed with everything. With Carp going game 2, splitting playing time between Duncan and Wilson.

Matt – Is there danger of Rolen reinjuring his shoulder by playing weakened and fatigued? Are they taking a big risk to even let him play at all? I would ahte to see the guy, especially after he battled back from it, to injure it again by pushing it too hard.

It has been obvious for a while now that all has not been right with Scott Rolen. Fortunately, TLR is doing his job and putting the team first. Tonight’s game was the first time this year that I felt like I was watching the Cards play TOTALLY like a team!!! That had nothing to do with the benching of Rolen and he made a really nice play in the 9th but everybody contributed and it felt to me like these guys can beat anybody when they play like they did tonight.

I suppose egos are natural, and even necessary. I mean, I would rather have a player show bravado and moxie, than shrink back at the first sign of adversity.

Albert said Glavine wasn’t very good. Probably not the best thing to say. Many of us have thought that he looks so hitable. But 290 wins later…

The Scott situation (Rolen, and Spiezio too) is ticklish. Rolen’s ego must be considered. But as Tony said, winning the game is foremost. Hard to see how Spiezio should not be in the lineup tonight (Sat). Maybe Rolen will get another try against the leftie Perez.

What about Taguchi. He tried to do his best Tom Lawless imitation.

I like all the moves Tony made-I think we would fair better with one more move. Send Taguchi to RF.

Wow…he took that bat and performed yet another and another Spieziotomy on the opposition.
It is fantastic watching my favorite team of forty two years perform at this level.

HEY MATT! Whens the next lucky seven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Matthew- When’s the next post?

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