Pregame color

With all due respect to Ernie Hays, the organist at Shea is absolutely rolling tonight.

Selections in the last 30 minutes or so (now updating in real time, because this is great stuff; I’d love a radio station that played this kind of variety):

"New York State of Mind" (Billy Joel); "Crazy" (Gnarls Barkley); "Clocks" (Coldplay); "Hold On, I’m Comin’" (Sam & Dave); "In the Midnight Hour" (Wilson Pickett); "I Wanna Be Sedated" (Ramones… RIP, CBGB); "Dirty Little Secret" (All-American Rejects); "Tequila" (The Champs); "Dani California" (Red Hot Chili Peppers); "Brown Eyed Girl" (Van Morrison, though on the organ it sounds more like the Jimmy Buffett version).

They’ve all sounded good, lively, and you can’t top the variety. Great stuff. I’m actually dancing in my seat a little bit. Then again, maybe that’s the gallon of coffee I’ve consumed.

Now let’s have a memorable game to top it off.



If you want a memorable game, Matthew, that’s fine. Me, I want one that the Cards win.🙂

that might have been the most forgettable game in Cardinals history.

I didn’t know that someone actually wrote the “Tequila” song. I thought it just sort of created itself. Or that it had always existed–since the beginning of history.

That’s it. I blame the Ramones for putting our bats to sleep. See, the war on drugs IS necessary. Look what drugs are doing to our team! Thankyou Nancy Reagan! Thankyou for showing us the error of our ways. Now, lay off the pipe, boys, and go get ’em!

what the !our ace just lost the game 6 and probably the entire series and youre talking about the organ player! this is a baseball blog not music class

Who the **** is Gnarls Barkley? I don’t think that’s his real name.
I would have liked to hear some New Christy Minstrels. Or the Starland Vocal Band. Or Doodle Town Pipers. Oh, wait, or music from that guy that did “Camp Granada”. Now that’s good pregame music…

Matthew, I actually enjoy the music stuff you post from time to time. I just want to know how the heck he got Dani California out of an organ?

Here’s wiki’s bio on the Shea organist.

Ok – how’s this for pregame organ music: Ernie plays a song for each Cardinal – but here’s the catch: the only connection between the music and the player is the name. So Jimmy Edmonds gets “A Pirate looks at 40” by Jimmy Buffett. Preston Wilson gets “Don’t Let the Green Grass Fool you” by Wilson Pickett (or “Hold On” by Wilson Phillips). Albert Pujols gets “The Lonely Bull” by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass (ok, so it’s not an exact science). And here’s the best: Tony LaRussa gets “Let’s get down” by Tony! Toni! Tone!

I dont know what Yadier gets.

Sorry, Matthew, I know I’m hijacking this thread, but come on, this was too much fun to pass up….

La Russa may be smart overall, but tonight he is an idiot. I know this is not a comment about your blog, but I can’t help it.

Encarnacion and Rolen in the lineup? What a joke. I hope I am proven to be an idiot and the produce.

I listened to Psychotherapy by the Ramones today. We may need it after tonight. A funeral dirge may be in order.

Actually I am hopeful. They may win. Rah Rah.

Call me old school, but does it bother anyone that Pujols can be at first, helmet off, laughing it up with the competetion – then swing at two pitches so far outside and in the dirt that a little league player would be embarassed? How about adding a little “Bob Gibson” to the mix? Or, maybe the world series isn’t that big a deal as long as the New Busch Stadium sells out every night and the Cardinals make some form of the play offs?


Poplar Bluff, Missouri

Call ME old-fashioned (and that would be accurate), but I love the game more than the team.

With apologies to Richard Lovelace in “Lucasta”, “I could not love thee (Cards) so much, loved I not (Baseball) more.

A good night, a close game, a beautiful park and an organ. Tears (if, indeed necessary) are for later.

Memorable? I can’t think of one better in recent history.

now THAT was a memorable game

AMEN to memorable. Yadier will NEVER forget the homer and will always have something to talk about with his brothers!!! Way to go Cardinals. And if Albert talked to the competition, that’s fine – Gibby will throw out the first pitch in St. Louis!!!!!

I’ve never attended a better nine-inning game. Seen some great ones, including pretty much every game of the 04 NLCS, but for a single, nine-inning game, I can’t think of one that tops that one that I’ve seen in person.

Beautifully played, incredible tension, amazing crowd, high stakes. What’s not to love? I was giddy all night; just loved having a chance to cover something like that. One of those times when I was reminded that I’m very much in the right line of work.


I think my neighbors thought I was going carzy last night. Great game, I’m amped up for the World Series!

My boss brought a print out of an article he found on Written by Bill Simmons, it is a so-called “running diary” of last nights game. In it Mr. Simmons says that our game seven was a “Quadruple-A baseball game”. He says it has been the most boring series ever, not in exact words. And he goes on to dog the National League. Who is this guy?? Ever heard of him?

Can anybody write for Man, I just can’t believe some people have jobs.

Anyways, if you can find this article, and if you have the time, read it and tell me what you think. To me it seems he is highly dillusional.

Shaun, i saw the article you mentioned, and he also spent alot of time saying Suppan is a terrible pitcher, saying Pujols chokes like A-Rod, etc. I believe he mentioned being a Red Sox fan though, which explains part of it, but he came across as a total idiot with his analysis of the game, calling it the worst game 7 ever. I’ve personally never enjoyed watching a game more, it had so many highs and lows. But let ESPN keep disregarding us, and hopefully we can keep proving their “experts” wrong

Hey Guys,

You know we have alot to be proud of,losing eight straight in June, August, and seven in September. Then getting key players just at the “nick of time” to pretty much dominate the Padres and to scratch and claw to a victory against the Mets. The analysts can dog us out all they want by calling the Cardinals are the worst world series team ever (even though one game hasn’t been played). When the playoffs started all the “experts” said that the Cardinals are the worst playoff team and I think every time the Cardinals win the more upset they get and the more they talk bad about the team. Nobody can’t underestimate the heart and thats what the Cardinals have been playing with.

Wait a second…

A month ago you were all ready to throw this team under the bus and run TLR out of town with torches and pitchforks. Nobody could do anything right, and everyone was awful.

Now, because they made the World Series, you guys think this team is full of winners with heart?

Give me a break.

Mrs. Dude, proudly hijacking this thread. Why not? Everybody else does.

I am just going to enjoy the WS. I do not expect the Cards to win, but who knows? I thought the pick up of Jeff Weaver was not going to help, but I was wrong.

a month ago, no one on this team could do anything right, and everyone was awful. But something happened to turn them around in October, so we’re gonna enjoy this as long as we can

did i miss something or was the natl. anthem not played prior to the game???

My point, though, cardsfan, is that *real* fans would have stuck by their team no matter what. *Real* fans don’t throw their team under the bus when they lose and then jump back on the bandwagon when their team suddenly shows some life.

To me, being a fan is about supporting your team through good times and bad. Supporting your team is about being proud to be a fan, even when there isn’t much to be proud of. I read the comments on this blog and on other blogs when times weren’t so good. Cardinal Nation seemed to not have a good word about anybody. “Get rid of this player or that player.” “TLR has to go.” These are the sorts of things I saw as the Cardinals limped their way to the postseason.

Suddenly, now that the Cardinals have shown some life and some promise, people are back on the bandwagon. Suddenly this team has promise and heart. Suddenly people are proud to be fans. And suddenly, the players that had to go are the ones people are glad to have around.

This whole “we’re the best fans in baseball” schtick makes me crazy. Cardinal Nation should start calling themselves the fickle-est fans in baseball. That seems to be more accurate.

Mrs. Dude,
First of all let me say that you’re right about people throwing this team under the bus. But not everybody! Just the majority of the ones that post on M’s blog. And it’s because these fans want to see their team win. And because we’re some of the most intuitive baseball fans, many of us think we know better than the manager…including me. It’s when we see our team, full of second-rate free-agent signings, career minor leaguers, and DFA’d reclamation projects, struggling mightily that we want to look for answers. What’s more, we want management to look for answers. And we didn’t see any of that in the regular season. TLR stuck with guys entirely too long…to a fault. Izzy…that guy’s injury was a blessing. Without Wainwright closing, we wouldn’t have gotten this far in October. Marquis…he is probably done as a Cardinal and most of wish it had happened on July 31. That’s two pieces that haven’t been on the roster in the postseason to kill us. It’s not like this is the same yeam that we were all ******** about all season. As I said Izzy and Marquis are gone right now, Preston Wilson and Jeff Weaver have been added, and they are showing signs of life as you said. This not Cards fans jumping on and off of a bandwagon. This is Cards fans finally seeing what they thought they would see all year and it didn’t happen until October.

All I’m saying is don’t tag Cardinal Nation as what you think are the fickle-est fans in baseball based on the few who write on this blog. And it is a few compared to the size of Cardinal Nation.

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