Well, you don't see that every day

Very different looking lineup today.

Rolen is back in the cleanup spot against the lefty, with Encarnacion fifth and Edmonds sixth. Spiezio is DH’ing, thanks to his outstanding career numbers against Rogers (15-for-38, .395, with 4 XBH). Wilson is in left, Taguchi out of the lineup. And most striking, Belliard is out in favor of Aaron Miles. Belliard is 2-for-22 against Rogers lifetime.

1. Eckstein SS
2. Spiezio DH
3. Pujols 1B
4. Rolen 3B
5. Encarnacion RF
6. Edmonds CF
7. Wilson LF
8. Molina C
9. Miles 2B

Weaver, RHP

Also, I’m told it’s fully expected that we’ll get the game in tonight. But it’s cold, and windy, and will be miserable conditions in which to play baseball.



Good for Tony. That’s a good lineup against The Gambler.

What is the plus for keeping Encarnacion in the lineup? He seems to me to be the current “weakest link” but I may be missing something. (That being said, I hope he hits a grand slam during this game!)

I’m certainly no big Encarnacion backer; I would have liked to see them get a start for Rodriguez at some point against a RHP. But against Rogers I think he’s a good call. He’s hit him well (in somewhat limited chances — 4-for-13 with a home run and two walks), and also, in this big outfield, he can cover a lot of ground.


I have never been a big Encarnacion fan but have always kept an open mind. After last night’s loss to the Tigers, I hope I do not see his name for the lineup for Tuesday’s game. Is is just me or does it look like he just doesn’t hustle in the field? His bat has been silent way too long….give someone else a chance!

I couldn’t agree more. It really seems like Encarnacion just doesn’t play with much desire. I have no issue with his ability or talent: he’s gifted. I just wonder how good he could be if he played with the hustle of Eckstein or Rolen, or several other of his teammates. Hey, at least he doesn’t (allegedly) cheat like Kenny Rodgers… Why wasn’t he inspected by the umpires last night?

Those were absolutely vile conditions to play baseball in. The fact that nobody got injured (at least that we know of) qualifies that game as a success for both teams, result be d*mned. I’m seeing highs around 55, lows of 40 in STL for the next few days; that at least is an improvement, although it’s still hardly baseball the way it’s supposed to be.

Matthew, are you detecting any grumbling among the players and coaches about having to play under these conditions? Discontent would certainly look reasonable from where I sit. In all this I blame the TV contract. Playing day games would surely help with the lousy conditions, but it would run into the almighty football broadcasts, and Fox apparently can’t abide that. My opinion of the Fox broadcasts this fall is unprintable…

I wouldn’t expect any less from an arrogant, selfcentered person then what Kenny rodgers done. He was suspected before. If this is how the MLB wants to sweep it under the rug.I as one fan am totally disgusted.As a long time fan (over 50 yrs) I will personnally forbid any more of the world series be watched in my home

Encarnacion didn’t go aggressively after a ball in game 1, but at least that was on the foul line side of Edmonds, last night he could easily have gone after that ball since Edmonds was right there to back him up… it was more than catchable. Talent w/o the needed effort isn’t worth a three year contract. There’s not another outfielder on the team who wouldn’t have made a better effort on both balls, even if the seriously under-experienced Duncan and the defensively-challenged Rodriguez are included on that list. Lastly, does it strike anyone else that the Cardinals are swinging at an awful lot of first pitches?

The Cards have been swinging at an awful lot of first pitches all season long. I’d love for someone to run the numbers on W/L or team AVG versus numbers of times swinging on the first pitch. Actually, our man Encarnacion seems to be the leader in that category (and in pop ups and double plays). My guess is that a player like Eckstein is rare – one who relishes taking pitches, working the count, fighting off pitches, and keeping the AB alive with two strikes – rare becuase few players feel comfortable with 2 strikes on em. How do you beat that? Swing away!

You knew we wouldnt sweep the Tigers, but I like our chances going home with Carp, Supp and Reyes or Weaver the next three games. Gonna be fun.

Yeah…I kind of agree about Encarnacion; if he were hitting the ball I could get behind his presence a bit more. He just doesn’t seem to play with the passion one associates with being a Redbird–think Mike Shannon or Andy Van Slyke out there in right during a WS.
Also Matt; I’m wondering why TLR didn’t pinch hit Duncan for Wilson in the ninth given his success as a pinch hitter + being a lefty + Wilson has been striking out all over the place. Ok, he got hit by a pitch, but I was salivating at the thought of Duncan coming to the plate with 2 on. What are your thoughts?

DON DECKINGER ANYONE!!! Another conspiracy from the St.Louis Cardinals in the World Series!! St.Louis – GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!! You of all people should know about cheating ie. Mark McGuire???!!! Remember him? Never got caught, Like Kenny Rogers, but the public perception is HE CHEATED!!! Let it go, you guys won 83 games this year, in the worst division in Baseball!!! All these what if’s! Why was there no more hits after the first inning? Can’t wait to hear the excuse for that!

Joerr — please take the shouting somewhere else. If your opinion is that Rogers was within the rules, or that it was justified based on past events, that’s fine. But there’s no need for the shouting, no need for the angry tone. It’s not what I want here. Thanks.

And everyone else, please leave the that post alone, because I don’t want a full-fledged shouting match to get started.

Thanks much.


hows this….tigers in 5

I’ll bet Sieburg is right about the notion that we’re swinging at a lot of first pitches. That would be an interesting stat to see. But along with that stat, I’d like to see how many of those first pitches WERE strikes.

We’ve had a lot of great pitching from the Cards and our opponents throughout this post-season. And great pitching involves getting ahead in counts.

It’s hard to watch guys flail away (I’m looking at you, Juan), but I’d rather see that as opposed to taking a bunch of first pitch strikes with hitters’ bats on their shoulders.

Picture guy brings up a good point – and I guess an old baseball conundrum: go after em early in count, or work the count? Scouting reports have to play into the strategy, obviously. What’s the scouting report on Tigers pitching?

I admit that I don’t get to see a whole lot of Cards games – being a cheapskate and living in “Braves territory” in NC, but in games I have seen, I get the sense that when we really should be working the count (middle of the game or something), we’re just going up there hacking. Another stat to track down: in how many innings were the Cards retired when the opposing pitcher tossed 10 pitches or fewer? maybe i should have been a statistician. anyone know if Elias is hiring?

Why is Larussa making the pine tar on Rogers’ pitching hand such a big freakin’ moral issue.

Just do your job as manager, Tony. Once you were informed of what your inactive player reported to you what was beeing seen and talked about on TV, call time, go to the home plate umpire and ask him to go to the mound and look at Rogers’ hand.

That substance had a yellowish-light brown tinge–and definitely WAS NOT dirt. Now we’ll never know because you, Tony, just stood in your dugout the rest of the half inning wondering what was the right thing for you to do, for cripes sake.

So Leyland is a friend. So it’s one of Leyland’s pitchers. So what, Tony. Just do your job, man!!!

Since Rogers was allowed to get by with it, I hope you and your team just forget about it. You swung at awful pitches for another 6 innings after the hand was washed. You just can’t lay off bad pitches. PLEASE don’t give him any more advantages by allowing him to work on your heads!

Please UPDATE the blog, Matt, John. What’s going on the past two days? Weather today? Aches? Pains?

Hey! Another 3 hours gone by. less’n 5 hours till game time!

There’s a world series going on here. You’re in it!

Update the blog, please?

I guess they ain’t playing tonight. Nobody here.

Dear Yankee, by my estimation LaRussa downplayed this thing every time it came up and yet Fox and ESPN wouldn’t let it go. I don’t know what’s up with Macrae, but this thing doesn’t strike me as a media phenomena driven by anyone on the Cards or in StL… and I live in Tiger territory.
Another thing I want to know w/r/t the media is where all the smack about Edmonds hollywooding has come from; the man works incredibly hard, makes spectacular catches, plays hurt, laughs at (rather than getting tweaked by) some of his horrendous swings and comes through in the clutch, why do people rank on him so much?

WS Champs
2001: AZ D’backs (NL West)

2002: Anaheim Angels (AL West)

2003: Fla. Marlins (NL East)

2004: Boston Red Sox (AL East)

2005: Chi. White Sox (AL Central)

2006: ?

St. Louis winning would mean that the WS winner has come out of all 6 different divisions over the last 6 years. Best part of all, none of them was the Yankees.


Yankeevmn and anyone else, this blog is not my job. I do it for fun. I do it when I have something else to say that doesn’t fit in my notes and game story. I do it when I want to make a point about something.

My job is covering the team. At this time of year, that job consumes pretty much all of my life. I try to put something on here when I can, and hopefully y’all will keep checking it out. But I make no promise that it’ll be updated multiple times per day or anything.

I really appreciate that y’all are interested, and I really appreciate everyone who reads. But please do cut me a little slack.



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