Game 4 lineup, if there's a Game 4

We may or may not get a game in. But if they play tonight, Belliard is sitting. He’s 3-for-21 against Bonderman, so Miles will be in the game in his place. Encarnacion is sitting as well, with Duncan in LF and Wilson in RF. Duncan is batting second, Wilson sixth, Miles eighth.



Hey Matt, when will they make the decision on the game? I have been watching the weather down there but don’t really know how much rain has fallen at the stadium. What’s it looking like?
brian d

This gonna be a late night, eh?

i miss yankeevnm…

Unfortunately, I know very little more than y’all do. I just hvae heard that we should be ready to be in it for the long haul tonight. I think they want very much not to call it tonight — because tomorrow could be worse.


Hey Matt, what do you doing while waiting out rain delays?

I’ve watched LOST and now CSI but I feel that I should be doing something more baseball oriented. Any tips?

if the cards win the world series… how much of a bonus would the players get with their salary

I’ve seen this twice tonight on Cards fans – what’s with the red goatee/soul patch thing? It looks like a sticky-note flag!

the “red goatee” is in honor of scott spezio…he died his goatee red in spring training and did it all through the year

Hey Matt,

Sorry to hijack this thread, but where is game 5 going to be played if tonight’s game is rained out? Will they move it to Detroit tomorrow?

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