We've got a nice, quiet little river community here

As this postseason has gone on, I’ve been asked a few times by fellow scribes for food recommendations in STL. And now with the potential of a rainout looming either tonight or tomorrow, it occurs to me that some of you may be in St. Louis from out of town and wondering how to spend a free evening. Here’s what I’ve got…

* The best meal I’ve had in St. Louis, regardless of price, was at the Sidney Street Cafe. Steak au poivre? Yes, please.

* As a lunch option, there’s the Crown Candy Kitchen. Sadly, I’ve never been there. But people love it, and every out-of-towner I’ve ever pointed there came back raving.

* Hard to go wrong with a good brewpub, and we have a very good one here — the Schlafly Tap Room. Excellent beer, good food, and in particular, their fries are the best I’ve ever had.

* Place to go for just a beer? An unusual beer? Growler’s Pub, easily. Unbelievable beer selection, friendly service, good jukebox.

There’s plenty more, and by no means are these the only four best establishments in St. Louis. But (with the one obvious exception) they’re personal favorites of mine. Enjoy. But really, let’s just get these two games in and not have to worry about rainout contingencies, what say?


(now playing on the computer speakers: a selection of all the various free songs I’ve gotten from the iTunes store)


Mmm…tap room fries.

I’ll take the spicy catsup and you can have the peppercorn sauce.

Stay out of Chesterfield, Leach!

I hear you on Growler’s. I also remember loving O’Connell’s, tho I’ve heard it’s not as good as it once was. Charlie Gitto’s on The Hill is a swank Italian place if you’ve got the money (which I never do) – although I’d just as soon go to Viviano’s and buy the goods to make a meal at home. On a cold rainy night? I remember a french bistro (maybe it wasn’t a bistro; maybe it wasn’t even French) near the corner of Big Bend and Clayton – had a fire place and good coffee. It’s been a while. Big Sky used to be on Kingshighawy, I think, and they had the best Apple Pie. They’ve moved out to Webster Groves and Kirkwood, but I hear they’re still good.

By the way, Matthew. What’s good and free on iTunes (I’m a cheapskate)?

Every week, iTunes has two free downloads. If you go to the music page, down on the bottom left corner you can find two freebies. They’re always interesting. Worth the minute or two to seek out and download.


a Top Room bloody Mary for the appetizer, then a medium-rare Tap Room cheeseburger, the accompanying slaw (mmmm, slaw), order of fries and a Schlafly Heffeweizen (sp?).


And, yes, I was a bit skeptical about Crown Candy, but it’s pretty awesome. Their reuben is amazing and the milkshake I had was one of the finest I’ve tried.

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