To all of y’all who read this site and this blog and care about this team, congratulations. Enjoy it.



Thanks Matt. You helped make it special. Have a great winter with your family and we’ll see you in the spring.



Congratulations to the 2006 World Champion Cardinals!

Michael Norton – Some Ballyard

Congratulations to all, and particularly to Matthew, who’s added much to the enjoyment of the last few weeks. Great year for you, hasn’t it been, what with getting married and all? (Amusingly enough, the last time we won a Series, *I* was the one getting married that year… And now our two grown sons get to share the fun, having discovered what it’s really like to be Cardinals fans.)

Now come the hardest four months of the year, waiting for spring training to start again. But this time there’ll be a LOT to look back on while we wait.

Congrats redbirds!!!….I’m actully a Cleveland Indians fan,but I was rooting for the Cards to win this World Series…..I kept getting tired of hearing about the “mediocre NL”,”the Tigers will roll” …..Well the National League is getting the last laugh today!! The St.Louis Cardinals were not only the best in the NL,but the best period!! The best in the Major Leagues!!!….Scoreboard…Way to go,RedCaps!!


Thanks for all your hard work this season, we all know it was very special! On a side note, your blog dropped off the face of the earth late into the season and during the WS. I am sure you were busy, but….. I guess I expected more while the Birds were at home and daily chat. Enjoy your winter and “THATS A WINNER” (Jack Buck)!

Hey Matt,

I am a Cardinals fan, but I wanted to say congratulations to you and the rest of the Tigers team for making it this far. You all came in and did a great job, I know the loss is hard I remember last year when the Cards lost I cried so I can just imgain how hard it is on you guys. Good luck to you all and to all the fans there as well. God Bless.

Always, Kerri

Everybody counted us out at the begining of the playoofs until about game 5 of the nlcs.thats when I started to believe.For theTigers it just goes to show cheaters never prosper.

Dear Matthew Leach, If at all possible could you post a poem I wrote about our beloved Cards. As an Cardinal obsessed teen I would really Appreciate it! Keep up the good work!

83 wins all we had,

Made the post season and I’m kinda glad.

Worst team ever, countless wrote,

Look who’s popping champagne down there throat.

Under dogs the name they gave,

Yet Cardinal Nation stayed strong and brave.

One said, Tigers in 3, Red Bird Nation now full with glee

Small things win championships yes they do..

First world series since 82.

Just Another Cardinal Fan


I’ve been thinking lately about what would be the ultimate Cardinals lineup of all-time. I came up with so many different lineups considering the caliber of players who ever played for the Cardinals. I wasn’t born when Bob Gibson, Stan “The Man” Musial, Dizzy Dean, and Lou Brock were at the peak of their careers so it would’ve been a little difficult to do a Cards lineup of all-time. Here’s one of the lineups I came up with;

1. Lou Brock OF

2. Willie McGee OF

3. Albert Pujols DH

4. Tom Herr 2B

5. Scott Rolen 3B

6. Keith Hernandez 1B

7. Darryl Porter C

8. Ozzie Smith SS

9. Curt Flood OF

P- Bob Gibson

BENCH: Orlando Cepeda OF

Ted Simmons C

Garry Templeton SS

Stan Musial 1B

Tito Landrum OF

Terry Pendleton 3B

Jack Clark 1B

BULLPEN: Todd Worrell

John Tudor

Steve Carlton

Danny Cox

Bruce Sutter

Joaquin Andujar

If you have a Cards all-time lineup I’d love to see it. GO REDBIRDS!!

Matt, thanks for all your work this year. Its much enjoyed and looked forward to. Can’t tell you how very glad I am your pre-post-season predictions stunk. You know a lot about baseball and it scared me seeing what you thought ! I am thrilled the true Cardinals that I know and love showed up and played their game. It was b-e-a-utiful. Enjoy some well-earned time off with the Mrs.
Thanks, Becky N., Poplar Bluff MO

Great job, Cards! Great job, Matt. Despite what the pundits are saying, the Cards won this – they forced the action, they did the little things that matter, they played cardinals baseball. The best part? LaRussa being the first up the steps on every big play. this team knew it had a chance from Game 1 v. the Padres. It took a game 5 win in the series to show every one else.

can’t wait til March!

Thanks a lot Mr. Leach, this has been a great year for us all. To Ozzie_Pujols: If you have a Cards ultimate lineup, you must have Musial starting. There’s no way around it really. I’d put him in over Willie McGee and put him on the bench, move Albert to 4th and let Rolen bat 2nd.

Thanks, M. And thank you to the St. Louis Cardinals for turning this crazy, nervous regular season into an outstanding postseason achievement. I admit to being one of the critics of the Cards this season. During the reg season the Cards looked like a team that would barely make the playoffs, if at all. But no one gave up. No one ever gave up. And that’s what makes a winner. Not pleasing your critics, not even listening to your critics. OUTSTANDING JOB Redbirds, and I look forward to what next season brings us. By the way, I cut class and work to drive 5 1/2 hours one way to see game 3, and it was absolutely amazing.I’ll never,ever forget that experience. My first posteason, first World Series, and Carp and the boys made it extra special. Thanks again!!

Hi Matt, when a player wins the WS, how many individuals get rings? Think Luna will get one?




Just read your article on LaRussa returning for ’07. Well as elated as I am about the WS Championship, I for one, am not so eager to chase Tony out of town. I have love of Red and the generations that came before me, but Tony is my manager (of my generation) and the one I’ll continue to stand up for. So forgive me for being selfish, but if it were up to me and as long as it’s something Tony wants to do, then I say he stays.

It may be cliched, but I mean this with the utmost sencerity: Tony LaRussa has been inspirational to me both on and off the field. Maybe Baseball coaches weren’t meant to be “rolemodels”, but that’s the truth! In the face of the highest highs and the lowest of lows, you look at how he dilengtly pursues both professional and personal success. I think that we all could surmize that we can accomplish the same for ourselves in our own lives. You think it’s easy for Tony just because he might make alot of money coaching a “kids game”? No, nothing comes easy and whatever Tony has achieved, he has more than earned it. I’m glad Tony has decided to stay, but whatever he decides to do is fine with me. Many more WS Championships and wonderful accomplishments to you sir!

P.S. Looking forward to your movie!!!

Hi Matthew
I wish there was a post-season mvp so Molina can get the recognition he deserves. He had the best total offense of any starting position player in the post season.

I think that the better offense is due to the adjustment to a slightly open stance…can you verify this?

Molina is not as big a surprise as the “experts” say he is, at least to me. Didn’t he have very high BA in the 2005 and 2005 spring training, I think it was over 400 this year. Also, last summer 2005 didn’t he lead the entire team in BA for a period of one month?

Go Cards!

What a ride!!!! Let’s savor it all because their is a lot of unanswered questions as Jocketty trys to reassamble this team for a run in 07.

I remember the Cards of the 60’s & 80’s the lean years of the 70’s and the expections we have had from the middle 90’s till now, but this world series is extra sweet because nobody thought the Cards could win in October. I have always been a Cardinals fan and I watch as many games as possible. Currently I am serving in Iraq, but was able to watch most of the playoff games. It was so exiciting and something I will never forget. One more thing I sure hope the Cards keep Jim Edmonds he is still one of the greatest center fielders around.

Hi Matt,

I can’t believe how Jeff Weaver turned his career around since coming to St. Louis.

But a lot of other players have done the same thing after coming to the Cards from a different team.

Also, I heard that Keny Rogers said some nice things about the Cardinals after the WS was over. I thought that was great on his part. Forget about the foreign substance on his hand. It didn’t affect the series at all.

Congratulations to the 2006 World Champions St Louis Cardinals. I knew they could do it.I followed them all season long. I knew that we would win once we got back our injured players at the beginning of the playoffs, while everyone wrote us off, just because of the way they were playing at the end of the season. I am so proud of the way the bullpen came together at the right time, and boy was it the right move I was hoping for to make Wainright the closer instead of Looper. Another huge move was to sign Spezio to a minor league contract and boy did he ever come throught like he did for the angels. I am a new yorker who became a cardinals fan because of my dad who lived in minnesota in 1951, so he loved Stan “the Man” Musial and I drove with my dad last year to Pittsburgh to see them, and we were shocked that they lost 10-0, and they won the other 3 games so that was a disappointment. But now all is forgiven, after this special year.

To Matthew Leach,
I was wondering if there is any way to see video of the parade? I saw video of the celebration at Busch.

Hey, Matt! What a finish! I had to get my password from you guys. How did you know my future daughter-in-law’s surname? It’s Polish, and no vowels! Actually she has one vowel in her name.
What an end for old die-hard fans like me. I’ve been “answering the call” since 1946 and have stayed with the Redbirds for 60 years! This was gratifying. All my friends, coaches like I was, gave me heck down the stretch. Well, it “ain’t” the Mets, Yanks, or Tigers that won it all. I’ll continue reading everyday to see what changes are made. I’ve gotten really fond of a lot of guys over the years. Please tell the “Jock Man” not to pull off a deal like was done when we lost “Lefty” to the Phils. Or, when Lane traded off an all-star infield. Got to love LaRussa.

Dave Duncan has to be the best in the business. Thanks for keeping the “Cite” interesting this year!

Stan Musial is number one on any Cardinal list of best players.

Matt-I can’t get over the high that this championship has given an senior citizen like me. It was super!
I cut my teeth on listening to Jack Buck and Harry Caray on a station from Altus, OK and one from Wichita Falls, TX

Between those two, Joe G, and

the syndicated calls of “The Old Scothman”, Gordon McClendon, I would have been lost for night radio entertainment. Guys too young, before TV, don’t know what they missed! I thought McClendon was a genius! (Didn’t realize he dubbed a recording of a “Game of the Day” so he could “predict” big plays. I’ll continue to read your messages and keep up with winter business. This can get nerve-racking. Learn to like guys and some are gone to another “garden” to play in. I have a good feeling about Weaver’s future and his stuff. I think old Dave has straightened him out physically and mentally. Go Cards! Make it heaven in ’07!

Rogers Hornsby anyone? greatest 2nd baseman of all time? Hit over .375 for five straight years in the early 20s. Career .358 hitter (2nd only to Cobb), one of the top 30 in 2B, 3B, RBI, total bases and On Base %. Helped lead the Cards to the ’26 World Series over the Yanks – their first title.

Thanx for the response “HEYMATTO”. Like I was saying, the ultimate lineup was only 1 out of 5 or 6 lineups I came up with. I strongly agree with starting Stan Musial. Musial was one of the greatest Cards ever. This particular lineup was based on defense, speed, & clutch hitting. If I was to start Musial, Keith Hernandez or Albert Pujols would’nt start because all 3 play or played first base. You’d have to keep Pujols in the order hitting in the clutch with protection from your RBI men, Scott Rolen & Tom Herr. You could still have switch hitting Willie McGee hitting before Pujols. If you recall, the Cards have a history of good swtch hitters; Ozzie Smith, Tom Herr, Terry Pendlton, Willie McGee, & Vince Coleman who all were under Whitey Herzog. It really depends on who’s pitching against you. For example, if a lefty is starting against the Cards Rolen would hit in front of Jim Edmonds considering Rolen average is better against lefties. Whoever is pitching will determine if you’re going to juggle the lineup or start a few players from the bench. Again thanx for the response “HEYMATTO” maybe Matt Leach will have a comment or two. GO REDBIRDS!!

Dwayne T. Indianapolis, IN (originally from St. Louis)

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