October 2006

Carp sits, Reyes starts

Cardinals have bagged Chris Carpenter for today. Anthony Reyes will start on 3 days rest, going about 60 pitches or so. They’ll hold Carpenter back in hopes of using him in Game 1 of the Division Series. If a game is needed tomorrow, Carpenter will pitch then.


What I'd Do/What They'll Do

I’d hold Carpenter back today, then pitch him Monday if there were a game. Otherwise he goes in Game 1 of the DS, with a couple of extra days, and then in Game 4 on regular rest. I expect they’ll pitch him today, though. He could then go in Game 2 on short rest, but I’m not sure how good an idea that is.

I haven’t left for the park yet. I’ll update y’all as soon as I can on what the decision is.