Lucky Seven returns

1. Which one Cardinals free agent or potential free agent should be the highest priority for the team to retain?

2. Who should play second base for the Cards next year? Consider any and all options in play.

3. What have you bought in the way of World Series stuff this year?

4. How differently do you view 2004, now that the ’04 core won a ring in ’06?

5. What was the single, most memorable, signature highlight moment of the Cardinals’ 2006 season?

6. What two teams are going to play for the college football national title this year? Obviously this equation will change a lot tonight, but give it a shot either way.

7. This is the time of year when movies with Oscar hopes come out. What’s the best movie you’ve seen in recent weeks?



1) Edmonds. The Cardinals control what he is going to make, and for that reason is probably the only one that is still attainable.

2) Brendan Ryan (if it’s possible for him to adjust from SS). If not, Adam Kennedy.

3) A Hoodie

4) Not at all.

5) AW freezing Beltran in the bottom of the 9th with the bases loaded and 2 outs. AW striking out Inge was pretty great too, but the AW/Beltran matchup was classic. Rarely do you get a situation where it’s the home teams best hitter vs. your rookie closer with a WS birth on the line. Each team had what they wanted and AW beat out Beltran.

6) Louisville vs Ohio State

7) ???

1) I think they have to resign one of their own starters. Suppan might be out of their price range but Weaver should be affordable and he wants to stay.

2) Again I would say stick with what works, although Cleveland might be willing to pay more for Belliard than the Cardinals will.

3) only a hat

4) The experience was obviously a factor in this series. Suppan looked like a fish out of water in ’04 and look what he did this post season. Without that ’04 appearance, they might have been the ones throwing the ball all over the field.

5) Its tough to argue with arcards’ moment. Beltran striking out looking with the game on the line was as clutch a spot you’ll get in baseball. The Cardinals delivered and the Mets didn’t.

6) Michigan vs Ohio State

7) Havent seen many lately – too much baseball to watch.

1. I think of the players we need to lock up has to be one of the 4 starting pitchers who it is I dont know each one has his good and bad points. Mulder if he can return to his glory I would say yeah pay the jack needed but I really feel he doesnt fit in with the whole STL team like others have in the past. Weaver has taken great strides working with Duncan I would love to see him for a whole season. The other 2 I am not going to even talk about because the Yanks or Mets are going to overpay for Suppan and he wont have near the success as he did here. My suggestion for Walt BRING BACK WOODY quality guy and a great starter. STL took a chance on Carp a few years ago I would love to see the Cards take a chance on someone like Mark Prior see if they can get him healthy he is still young and heck he cant be getting the same jack as he did in Chicago.

2. I think Aaron Miles has to be the guy unless you bring in a Superstar talant and NO I dont think Adam Kennedy is that guy. I would love to see Mark Loretta in the 4 spot.

3. Nothing I think that stuff is over rated I look to next year rather than glorify over the past, that would make us Yankees if we did that.

4. The Cards have had better teams in the past that have always hit that road block in the playoffs. On paper 04 was a lot better team but chemistry is everything and we had that this year.

5. Yadi’s Home Run to put us on top in the playoffs that was a builder going into the next games for sure!

6.The Ohio State University vs. West Virginia/Louisville winner

7. Facing the Giants, if you havent seen it do it!

One question for you whats going to happen with our outfield next season? I think if you bring Edmonds back he will have to take a pay cut. Have you heard any rumors about maybe us trying to get Sheffield or Carl Crawford I would love to have Crawford in the Redbirds uniform mostly so those dang Chicago teams dont ruin him.

Dan from Des Moines

3. WS hoodie w/a bird on a bat.

7. What are these movies you speak of?

1. Jim Edmonds. You’re not going to find a better CF for $7 million. Beyond that, I’d go with Suppan, as he’s been more reliable than Weaver (and goes deeper into the game).

2. All depends on where the money is deposited on the roster. If we were to go spend a lot on a centerfielder or a few starters, I’d be comfortable with Miles batting 8th and starting (if he has a solid back-up). I wouldn’t mind seeing Adam Kennedy come back, either, if he’s affordable.

3. Tons of ****. Sock hat, two shirts, pennant, drinking glass, window sticker, the SI package, and I plan on purchasing A&E’s DVD set, as well as any independent DVDs that are released. I may wind up buying an Edmonds WS jersey if he sticks around.

4. Not much different. I never got down on them, I just felt they (and the fans) were exhausted from such an exciting NLCS (best playoff series I’ve ever watched, personally). I’m incredibly happy that they have their rings now, though.

5. Regular season? That home run on September 27th by Pujols, mainly because I was there celebrating my birthday, and it sparked our playoff run. Overall? Yadi’s 9th inning bomb in Game 7.

6. Absolutely do not care. Hate college sports. Probably Michigan? I dunno.

7. The Departed is the best movie I’ve seen all year in a very lackluster year for film. Definitely that. It’s a classy thriller with little jerks in the road and cliché plot twists to convolute the plot itself. Very linear, yet you’re on the edge of your seat throughout. Gotta love that, and the best film Marty’s made since Taxi Driver, in my opinion.

*without, I should say. The Departed definitely strays from all of the things that make thrillers not so thrilling.

What are the chances that Matsuzaka becomes a Cardinal (or at least that they bid for him)?

1. I’m split between Supe and Edmonds. Even if Edmonds is less of a threat at the plate, his defense (even on rusty joints) is still top notch. And if Supe can come in to ’07 pitching anywhere near what he did in the second half, he is going to be a huge asset.

2. I would definitely weigh my options, especially in the farm system. Belliard seems like a nice guy and all, but his “Right Field Lite” style of defense seemed to create more problems than it solved because I remember several balls that Eck would have typically gobbled up shot through the hole created by Eck covering behind second and suddenly a routine infield out becomes an easy single. I would keep Miles around on the bench for utility purposes (he figured out pretty well learning SS, I thought) and LH hitting matchups. Obviously that doesn’t leave a clear answer for next season’s second. Let the tradition continue!

3. So far, just an authentic home red cap with the WS patch – which I’m wearing right now (still getting used to the fitted cap … I typically like a snugger fit, but these are special circumstances). I have my eye on quite a few things, though, including but not limited to: pins, pennants and the Eck bobblehead holding the WS trophy. Maybe they can resculpt it with the keys to a Corvette in his hand?

4. Basically the same. This year was a Cardinal team playing (finally, and consistently) at its potential, just like they did for most of the ’04 season. Night and day. Day and night.

5. Either Waino fanning Beltran in the ninth or Granderson misplaying that hit from Eck in game 4. Or Yadi’s homerun. Or Waino closing out the series by fanning Inge. It’s still a great glorious blur.

6. Umm … how soon until pitchers and catchers?

7. It’s more what I haven’t seen. I can’t remember the last movie I saw. I haven’t been to a theater in two months! I really want to see the Prestige and the one about George Reeve. And Idlewild.

Granderson? I meant Munroe.

1. Which one Cardinals free agent or potential free agent should be the highest priority for the team to retain? I’d like to see Edmonds stay, for sentimental reasons. Ditto for Weaver.

2. Who should play second base for the Cards next year? Consider any and all options in play. I’d like to see what Belli can do with an entire year. I’ve seen Counsell’s name thrown around a bit, and he seems to plague the Cards, so he can’t be all bad.

3. What have you bought in the way of World Series stuff this year? Nothing yet but I plan to get Ts and hats at Christmas.

4. How differently do you view 2004, now that the ’04 core won a ring in ’06? I don’t.

5. What was the single, most memorable, signature highlight moment of the Cardinals’ 2006 season? I like Adam striking out the Cardinal killer in NY but also remember Albert’s 3 HR game while all the Downs kids were at the park. That was cool.

6. What two teams are going to play for the college football national title this year? Obviously this equation will change a lot tonight, but give it a shot either way.

Sorry – not a clue.

7. This is the time of year when movies with Oscar hopes come out. What’s the best movie you’ve seen in recent weeks? I haven’t see The Departed but hear good things and want to. Or maybe I’ll wait for Borat. : )

1. Edmonds (a change from my opinion earlier in the year), but I consider that outside the bounds of your question, since the team can bring it about by just not buying him out. Of the ones that they have to exert themselves to keep, whichever of Suppan and Weaver is cheaper, it’s just that simple. I wouldn’t mind seeing them both back
2. Off-the-wall idea here, since none of the free agents are appealing: wonder what kind of 2B Chris Duncan would fetch in a trade? Orlando Hudson (D’backs)? Ian Kinsler (Rangers)? Both could use left-handed power, and Dunc’s brutal OF defense wouldn’t be a problem at either place. If no trade can be arranged, start Miles, and bid Belly-ard a fond, pudgy farewell.

3. Nothing.

4. No difference. Post-season play is enough of a crapshoot that one shouldn’t draw too many conclusions from it.

5. Pujols’ double off Lidge.

6. No idea, no interest. Sports played with odd-shaped balls seem … well … suspect to me.

7. Who wants to watch movies during baseball season? Ask me again in January, maybe.

1. dont know much about the market this year. while i love jimmy edmonds, i really think it’s time he hang it up – go out on a high note. BUT: are there any centerfielders out there who could replace him? i like Suppan for sentimental reasons, but is he a franchise player or will his star begin to fade. [i sure did a crappy job of answering this question]
2. Soriano.

3. nada.

4. no differently – it’s tough to be disappointed with any team that makes it to the series, even if they lose

5. AW catching Beltran looking Game 7. no options but to pitch to the guy, and Wainwright delivered.

6. ???

7. ???

1. Probably Edmonds, but I also hope they find a way to keep Mulder. I like that he is saying Cardinal fans have not seen the best of him and wants to show it.
2. We know they’re not going to break the bank at second because they’ve done it the same way for a few years now and have been successful. They’ll find someone and he’ll probably have a career year and then leave in free agency.

3. I haven’t purchased anything, I prefer my old and beat up bird on the bat hat.

4. I don’t even count the WS in 2004 because it hardly felt like one unless you were a bosox fan. I was content that they beat the Astros. I’m happy many of the players got a second chance and made the best of it.

5. I have two. One was Taguchi’s HR off Wagner. I think it turned the tide of the series b/c if they lost that game, the series was likely over. I watched it with 5 Mets fans and I wish everyone could have seen the look on their faces. They were making fun of So trying to hit the fastball so when he turned on one, it was priceless. The other is Wainwright punching out Beltran. Great pitch under tremendous pressure.

6. OSU and Louisville but it should be a rematch with Michigan.

7. The wife and I have not hit the movies much because of the playoffs, but I liked Little Miss Sunshine.

1.) Edmonds, if he takes a pay cut. Mulder for a discounted price hopefully.
2.) Belliard, it’s time to solidify second.

3.) Nothing…yet.

4.) This team played with a lot more heart in the playoffs. There’s not as much talent, but they had that intangible that champions come up with in the postseason.

5.)#3 Moment-Wainwright’s K of Beltran. #2-Molina’s homerun. And #1…WINNING THE WORLD SERIES OF COURSE!!!!

6.) Ohio State vs. Louisville. The BCS is stupid.

7.)Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.

1. For me, it’s a tie between Edmonds and Weaver. I feel like Edmonds is a staple in Cardinal baseball I wouldn’t want to lose. But Weaver is on the up-trend, and he could be part of a better future.

2. I like Miles there, although I admit I haven’t seen much of that since I’ve paid attention.

3. Playoff hoodie, world series pennant, ws program, SI commemorative mag, countless newspapers, new hat, eck jersey.. I’m sure I’ve left something out

4. I didn’t pay as much attention then so I couldn’t say.

5. I liked the look on Wainwright’s face after the final pitch in ws game 5.

6. no comment

7. Haven’t seen a lot- but one warning- don’t see Saw 3 unless you have a strong stomach and a love for gore

1. Edmonds, if he is considered a free agent. If not, Suppan.
2. If I could pick any 2B in MLB, I’d take Brian Roberts.

3. I have ordered t-shirts, pennants, pins, and DVD from–God knows when/if anything will actually get here.

4. Red Sox were predestined to win Series in ’04. The NLCS was good enough for me. But this year’s win is payback for when StL really WAS best team in baseball in ’04.

5. Most memorable in post season: Adam striking out Beltran, looking. Regular season, game I saw in person in Houston: July 8th, Cards come from 2 behind in 9th to tie game, off Lidge, and Albert hits HR off Oswalt in relief, in 10th for eventual game-winning run.

6. I don’t do football

7. Haven’t seen any movies

1. Edmonds first and foremost. Of the pitchers I think Weaver could be had for a better price than Sup, although I’d love to see him stay.
2. Somewhere I saw the possibility mentioned of sending Rolen to NY for A-Rod, then moving Eck over to 2nd, his natural position. I doubt A-rod is a financial possibility for the Cards and I’d hate to lose Rolen, but it is an intriguing possibility.

3. Nothing yet, tho I’ve got my eyes on a hat or shirt.

4. We were due!

5. Tossup between Adam’s strikeout of Beltran and Yadi’s homer – although the strikeout I thought packed more YEEEEAHHH! value.

6. Hoping one of them is a Big Ten team.

7. Last one I saw was ‘Cars’ – that’s what happens when you have kids! It was good though!

1. Mark Mulder. Pitching is the key. Suppan 2nd and Weaver 3rd.

2.Aaron Miles. Spend the $ elswhere.

3.Tee shirts

4.105 wins is good. 83 and a ring is better.

5. Yadi’s home run.

6.Ohio State & Florida


1. I would like to see Suppan and Weaver back, but Edmonds is the cardinals #1 priority
2. I would like to have a second baseman for more than 1 year. Belliard is a good second baseman and I liked what I saw from him but I think that Clevland is going to give him more money than the cardinals will. Best choice right now is to stick with Miles

3. No, but I would like a hat

4. We won in ’06

5. Yadi’s homer, Wainwright’s strike-out of Beltran and Pujols’ three homer game… it was all pretty good (exept for Reyes’ one hitter loss)

6. I don’t watch football unless its played with baseballs

7. I agree with Facing the Giants was a great movie

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