Looking ahead… to Saturday

Hello, all…
I’ll be blogging about hot stove stuff this winter, for sure, but the absence of baseball games means that the topics here at OYNAG will turn more to my other interests — other sports, music, travel, etc. So consider yourselves warned. Anyway…

It would be cheating to do my top-10 when a big game has already been played this week, but a look ahead to the weekend’s games is at least in order.

Thursday night observation: West Virginia probably had the two best players on the field last night (though Brohm was outstanding), but the reason I’ve liked Louisville more all year long is that they are just a more complete team. They have legitimate talent all over the field, while WVU is more like a two-man team. A really entertaining two-man team with a great scheme, but they just don’t have the same kind of roster UL does.

Game of the week: LSU-Tennessee. The Vols are at home, but a beat-up Erik Ainge against a frightening defense makes me think that LSU has a better chance than most people are giving them. It’s been unwise to pick against Tennessee this year, but something in my gut says that LSU defense pounds Ainge and salvages the season. Usually, the team with one loss has more to play for than the team with two losses, but I don’t think that’s the case in this game. Tennessee has virtually no chance of making the SEC title game, while a third loss would really change the whole light in which this LSU season is viewed. I’ll say LSU by something like 20-17.

Under-the-radar game of the week: Mizzou-Nebraska. The season is starting to slip away from both teams, but this is a great chance to right themselves — the winner is all but a lock to go to the Big XII championship. I actually think Mizzou is the better team, and I’d pick them at home or on a neutral site. In Lincoln, though, it’s very tough to pick against NU. I’m going to, though. You can throw on Nebraska, so I’ll go with Mizzou in a wild one, something like 35-30.

Gratuitous FSU observation: The problem, for the first time in years, isn’t the offense. They’ve been playing good enough offense to win games. They’re showing some balance, Xavier Lee is really exciting, Greg Carr is back to being a factor and Antone Smith looks to have a very bright future. They just don’t have any healthy bodies on defense, so they’re getting physically handled by teams whose offenses they should be wrecking. It’s sad to see.

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