My Lucky Seven/PLEASE VOTE

OK, second thing first. Please, please, please vote today. If the people representing us think that we don’t care enough to even step out of the house for a few minutes once every two years, then what motivation do they have to do right by us? Seriously. My politics are probably fairly easy to guess, but even if you don’t agree, please vote. It’s in all of our best interest.

End of sermon. Now, my answers for last week’s Lucky Seven. I’m shuffling iTunes at the moment, just had New Order, Moby, Flanders, Journey and Imogen Heap come up. Not a bad run. Anyway.

1. I think Edmonds should be the highest priority, because as I’ve written elsewhere, I don’t think you can upgrade on him for the $7 million marginal cost.

2. I’m not crazy about Ray Durham’s defense, but I love his bat. He’d be a perfect fit in the 2 spot in the lineup. I’m not as high on Kennedy and Loretta as a lot of people are. Counsell’s a nice defender, very nice, but he’s had pretty low OBPs three of the past four years. All things being equal, I think I’d go with Durham, because this team could use the offensive upgrade.

3. I got a LOT of stuff for other people. For myself, I got one of the official baseballs. I collect baseballs. Could never find a WS cap I liked — one with just the series logo, no team logos. Ah well. I have no shortage of baseball caps.

4. I guess what I was getting at here was, for y’all as fans, is the sting of the 2004 WS loss any less now that the core won a title? Personally, I’m one of those heretics who think that there’s a huge amount of randomness and weirdness in the postseason, so I still view 2004 as a truly elite team, one of the best teams I’ve ever seen play.

5. I think I’ll remember Molina’s home run. But really, the entirety of Game 7 in NY was truly spectacular baseball. Maybe the best 9-inning game I’ve ever seen in person.

6. I’ll go with Michigan and Louisville, and I think it’d be a really fun game. I’ve been on the UL bandwagon all year. If they’re 12-0, I’d have zero problem with them playing for it over a one-loss team from the SEC or Big 10.

7. I’m with y’all, haven’t gotten to any recently. But I’m dying to see The Departed. Hopefully this week.



1. We have the option on Edmonds so signing him is easy. The priority has to be starting pitching.

2. I would love to have Ray Durham. He had a great year last year but will WJ spend the money?

3. I had to buy something for my whole family so I went for tee shirts.

4. That was great. I was devasated by the sweep. This win makes up for it. The 2006 pitching was awesome.

5. A .216 regular season hitter the offensive star. Go figure.

6. Louisville will not beat Rutgers.

7. ?

UL-Rutgers, big game. Who’d have thought it? I think you’re right that it will be tough for UL, coming off the WVU game. But I think they’re complete enough to win it.

If they lose, then it’s chaos. I think Texas is probably the best of the 1-loss teams. And I definitely do not think that whoever wins tOSU-UM should have to beat the other one twice.


I just want to stop and appreciate for a moment how refreshing it is to see a top three all from the chilly climes of the Midwest/Mideast. As opposed to all sunbelt Miamis and USCs. End of appreciation.


(proud new Nano Red owner, I could use some song-retrieval tips!)

I live in SF and saw Durham many times this year and I believe it was a career year for him at the plate. I think it woiuld be a huge mistake for the Redbirds to take him…his defense is awful and he’s not a hustler type. I don’t see him having a good chemistry with Eckstein. Man, I wish we could have kept Grudz.

Voted democrat in Missouri earlier this afternoon. Hope to see some changes in this country with how we treat our own and the rest of the world.

Durham might be decent. The bat would be nice, but I love Cardinal Baseball, and the backbone of that is solid defense. I think Counsell would be great, because he seems to always sting us. He seems like a good match with Eck with the leather, too. Could a 1 year deal be too much of a risk? I don’t think so, honestly.

Please do not bring Jim Edmonds back.He strikes out too much and he can’t hit left-handed pitching.I am sure the Cardinals can get a young centerfielder via free agency.Edmonds had a good run with the Cardinals but he never did anything in the World Series(2004)and previous playoffs until this year.

GET OUT THE VOTE FOR EDMONDS! While his offensive numbers have been down the past two years, his defense alone has kept us in games. Does jctom3 not remember game 6 of the 04 nlcs, with Edmonds’ game winner – and perhaps even better, his catch in game 7 to prevent a devastating inning by the stros? as a lot of folks on this blog have stated, the ’04 nlcs was our world series that year (no one could have beaten the BoSox), and we couldn’t have won it without Jimmy Ballgame. This year he drove in 2 key runs in game 3 with the bases loaded and two outs, but most importantly, he was the clubhouse catalyst, distributing game balls at the end of each post-season victory. leadership like that is hard to price – and nearly impossible to find in the game these days. while i’ve pushed for his retirement, i now think he needs to wait a year or two, and i don’t see a better option in CF, especially at his price.

btw – speaking of game balls, Matthew: I’m still wondering if anyone knows who the Cards gave the game ball to in each of the post-season victories.

Is Belliard coming back next year? I had heard he was becoming a free-agent. is that true. Please don’t pay much for a player who has little if any offense and doesn’t play like he cares much whether he succeeds as a Cardinal. Even though Miles is 30, he at least plays like he’s proud to be there, and seemed to always come through in a clutch, often with extra base hits. Thanks Bob C. Springfield, MO

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