Leach's Top-10

Top 3 are easy…

1. Ohio State
2. Michigan
3. Louisville

For what it’s worth, I don’t think there should be an OSU-UMich rematch, basically no matter what. It’s not fair to the winner — shouldn’t have to beat the same team twice in a row.

4. Florida — The best résumé of the pack of 1-loss teams, but tough to put here for two reasons. I think Texas is a better team, and Auburn, who’s also in this mix, beat them.

5. Cal — A bad loss at Neyland, but since then they’ve been incredible. Maybe playing as well as anyone right now. If they win out and UL loses, they’ll have a really strong case .

6. Auburn — I know they lost to Arkansas, but even with that, I think their body of work is stronger.

7. Texas — Head to head, I think they’d beat Florida or Auburn, maybe even Cal (though wouldn’t that be a great bowl matchup?), but they don’t have the quality wins of those teams. And they were thumped on their home field, even if it was by the No. 1 team in the country.

8. USC — I had Arkansas here, but you just can’t ignore 50-14 on somebody’s home field. SC can rise or fall quickly. Beat Cal and ND, and their case is arguably the strongest save a 1-loss SEC champ. Lose to Cal and ND, they’re a non-factor. Huge stretch for them.

9. Arkansas — Like SC, they can climb or fall a lot. Tennessee and LSU both come to their house, so they have a legit shot at 11-1 and an SEC title game trip.

10. LSU — Yup, SEC bias here. Their two losses are on the road against outstanding teams, and they have a great win at Neyland Stadium. If you think ND should be in this spot, I have no problem with that. Wisconsin and WVU are a step down to me.

Other teams to watch: Rutgers of course; that’ll be a fun game tomorrow night… Oregon; can’t wait for the late game vs. SC… Maryland… Texas A&M.

Still shuffling iTunes,


Thanks for putting both accents in résumé.

—The Typographically Concerned

You forgot Notre Dame.

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