Lucky Seven

1. Which free agent from another team would you most like to see the Cardinals sign? Money no object. Just, who’s the most appealing player out there in FA?

2. Among the names who have been frequently mentioned in trade rumors — Sheffield, Willis, Marcus Giles, Vernon Wells, etc., you know who they are — which one would you most like to see the Cardinals acquire?

3. Name one player in the hot stove rumor mill that you want the Cards to stay AWAY from. And let’s make it a challenge — don’t say Barry Bonds. Give me somebody else, and a reason for it.

4. How important is it to have a left-hander in the rotation next season?

5. Every major US sport but baseball is under way right now. Which one interests you most?

6. From all those various "other" sports, which team do you follow most closely, college or professional?

7. What’s your favorite technogadget that you own?

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Google Earth and those Global Positioning gadgets for cars

1. Money no object: Alfonso Soriano. (and let him play 2nd base)

2. Going to cheat and name three: 1)Jake Peavy (on the block according to 2)Carl Crawford. 2b) Vernon Wells. Even if Edmonds is back, that’s one heck of a corner outfielder.

3. Luis Gonzalez. We do not need another aging outfielder. I know he hit a lot of doubles this year, but I think we need more than he can provide (i.e. speed on the bases, range in the outfield, durability).

4. It would be nice to have a quality lefty in the rotation. The top priority should a solid arm. The recent southpaws coveted by Jocketty haven’t really lived up the their potential with their new teams (Mulder, Hampton…)

5. NBA basketball. I’ve been a Hornets fan since 1993, and it’s great to see them undefeated so far.

6. I follow the Hornets, Kansas City Chiefs, and Mizzou football and basketball pretty closely.

7. My new Palm Pilot.

The link for the Rumor Mill is

1. I like Soriano. I’d keep him in left field because he really doesn’t play that too terribly. I’d then move Duncan to right where he can hopefully see the ball off the bat better since he’s use to first, and Edmonds just covering ground everywhere in between. If Edmonds is healthy next year (and back…I totally agree 100% with what you’ve said about the $7 mil), that could be a nice outfield.

2. I think a trade for someone like a Marcus Giles or some other second baseman out there for Encarnacion and whoever else. What about Nomar playing second? Not in a trade, but maybe?

3. Jason Schmidt. He’s been around for awhile without the most fluid mechanics. Zito’s mechanics make him look like he could through until he’s 50. Schmidt looks like he puts more stress on his arm. Makes me nervous.

4. As much as I’d love to see Zito or Mulder, I don’t think it’s absolutely crucial. I’d like to see Mulder, but would rather go for the best arm available if it’s not him.

5. College football.

6. I’m a Notre Dame fan. Although I’m really looking forward to the Michigan, Ohio State game. Saw Michigan in person, and they’re tough.

7. I’m pretty boring with techo-stuff. I’m just glad my cell phone flips now!!! BC

1.) I’ll say Soriano without any consideration as to money/length. In the real world, I’d never give him his “market value”. My alternate would be Matsuzaka. In real life, I’d not advocate signing either.

2.) A-Rod for Rolen straight up. Move Eck to 2b, and sign Akinori Iwamura to play 3rd.

3.) Zito… Money/Performance.

4.) It’s not to me, but I think it’s a requirement of TLR’s.

5.) Formula 1? It’s a major international sport, but not going on right now. Right now? Cricket?

6.) New Zealand All Blacks

7.) iPod. Hands down my favorite if laptops don’t count as gadgets.

1. Juan Pierre. I know we already have more outfielders than spots, but we need speed. That’s the factor that has slowly eroded from the Womack-Renteria-Sanders days.

2. Carl Crawford. He could be the most exciting player out there right now. He’s young, got great speed, developing power, plays a great glove and would be a hall of famer if he wants to bat in front of Pujols for seven to ten years.

3. Barry Zito. He relies too much on his curve ball and his WHIP is incredibly large. I think he’s someone who’s best days are behind him.

4. Important but not essential. Having a left-hander just gives you so many options. Just look at the path we took to the World Series. How great would it have been to have a healthy Mark Mulder (the one who shut the Mets out for eight innings earlier in the year) to mow down all the Padres and Mets lefties. Kind of like what happened to us in 2000 at the hands of Hampton and co.

5. College Football.

6. The Fightin’ Irish of Notre Dame that you so obviously left off your top ten. They beat USC and they could sneak up a bunch.

7. Digital camera. I’m taking so many pictures I should be paid for it.

1. Money being no object? Barry Zito. I love his curveball, even though his stuff has declined over the years. We need a lefty in the rotation, and under a good pitching coach, he could improve that declining stuff by working on his other pitches.

2. Dontrelle, no question or doubt in my head. The guy is super young and amazingly talented. Give him a proper pitching coach and he’ll be even better–in fact, I’d much rather deal Duncan and somebody else to acquire him than to sign anybody else.

3. Sheffield. That guy is a Grade A ***, he’s climbing sky high in the years, and his salary/needs for extension are a joke. Beyond that, A-Rod. Why the bleep would you swap Rolen for A-Rod? Rolen’s numbers are nearly the same (especially when you take defense into account) and look at the price tag–even after the Yanks take a chunk of it. Jesus H. Christ.

4. Very, hence my pick for Zito. All righties throwing leaves little strategy coordination on the opposition’s side.

5. Football. I’m a Seahawks fan, so this year is a little rocky.

6. See above. We were completely robbed last year in the Super Bowl on BS calls by the refs. Been a ‘Hawks fan since before we had the Rams, hence why I like them more… Still like to see the Rams win, but I’m a dedicated fan, so I stick to my guns.

7. I work in the gaming industry, but surprisingly, I own no iPods or big home theater **** (hey, I blew my HDTV money on World Series tickets). I’ll go with my Xbox 360 at the moment, because Gears of War is blowing my mind.

1) Carlos Lee. No doubt about it. Think Pujols had a good year, imagine how great it could be if he had someone other than Encarnacion protecting him all season.

2) Any “star” they bring in would be a mistake. For one they don’t have the money to bring in another big name and two they don’t have young talent to spare with. Of all the names I’ve heard, the two I would hate the most are Carl Crawford (would take too much to get him) and ARod (would cost too much if he was here). However, I would love to see Crawford wearing the Birds on the Bat.

3) The Japanese pitcher, Matzusaka (sp?). Seriously, do you really want to pay 20 million just to be able to talk to him and then deal with Boras trying to get a deal struck. 100% the opposite of the way the Cardinals work. Also, the guy is unproven and a lot of Japanese pitchers have been 1 year or 2 year wonders… Hideo Nomo.

4) It would definitely be nice, but I wouldn’t want Walt ot get away from his “game plan” and overpay just to have one.

5) The baseball offseason interests me more than anything.

6) College basketball.

7) ipod.

1-4. I think the Cards get a hall pass for 2007 no matter what they do in transactions or on the field. And by the way they have by far the coolest fan dedication bricks on the pavement outside of any new brick-dedicating ballpark. They even have the nicest tarp if anyone noticed that…awesome handles on the edges of the tarp.

5. CBK.

6. Hurryin’ Hoosiers hoops.



ps, Matthew, spent today looking for places in Upper West Side and it sure was easier in Clayton just driving around looking for a For Rent sign.

5. Either NASCAR (thanks, Dude) or football. Though, being from Indiana, I am obligated to follow basketball, too.

6. Colts for football. Texas Tech, IU, and Butler for college basketball.

7. My black video iPod, Frances (does *anybody* get that joke?). It’s the only thing I love nearly as much as you.

–Mrs. Dude.

1. Soriano, and let him play 2nd. I get goosepimples thinking about that lineup. Ouch.
2. D.Willis. With some tlc from DD, he might push CC for a Cy Young.

3. Barry Zito. The money won’t meet the performance, and I think he is due for a big down year. Now watch him win a Cy Young – in Chicago. 4. Depends on the lefty. If Mulder is good to go, and they re-sign him, that’s great. Otherwise, I think Willis is a priority.

5. College football.

6. Boomer Sooner. Although, I must admit that the SA Spurs keep me watching every game as well.

7. Um…My car has AM/FM!!!

1. Barry Zito because the rotation needs a lefty and Alfonso Soriano to play second even though he has not played there in a long time
2. Vernon Wells would be a nice to the outfield

3. I don’t think Alex Rodriguez would be a good ideah to acquire

4.Very important

5. None of them intrest me

6. Read 6


1. Carlos Lee. Soriano will never have that good a year again; why pay for past performance?
2. Marcus Giles. He fills a need, and it might be possible to get him without overpaying. Second choice is Vernon Wells.

3. PLEASE, Walt, opt out of the Matsuzaka lottery. The competition is fierce; there are far more “not-under-any-conditions” guys out there than “buy-at-all-costs” guys — A-Rod, Sheffield (ugh), lots of pitchers. But that one would be really high-cost, high-risk.

4. Nice but not really that important. Far better a good righty in that spot than a mediocre lefty.

5. Off-season baseball is better than in-season anything else. Could I choose tennis?

6. Probably the Michigan State U basketball team; it’s my alma mater, and Tom Izzo is a class act.

7. Digital camera (Canon) given me by my wife; it does everything but frame the print.

1. Barry Zito. Guy’s a lefty and fits the mold of DD and TLR. Can get ground balls with that filthy curve and can get the K every once in a while.
2. Vernon Wells. Good eye at the plate and would protect Pujols immensly. Great center fielder.

3. Stay away from Luis Gonzalez. Too old. Great clubhouse guy, but that is about all he can contribute.

4. I think it’s important to have at least one lefty.

5. I have no other sports other than baseball. I don’t like the “attitude” football or basketball has these days.

6. I’ve always been a mediocre Spurs fan.

7. I am not so advanced in the technical world. I just got internet like a month ago. Ha ha!

1. Brian Jordan – for old time’s sake. Actually, Soriano. play him at 2nd base again and bat him 2nd in the order. (yes, i know, that would be three RHB in a row)
2. Wells, for if something happens to Jimmy; Willis for another southpaw.

3. Kerry Wood.

4. very important

5. college basketball.

6. i’m a tar heel born and a tar heel bred.

7. is a turntable a technogadget? no better sound than spinning old Beatles and Simon/Garfunkel records on my 20-year-old stereo.

1. Barry Zito, a lefty that can get people out. He can win 17 to 20 games in St. Louis.
2. Toss up between Wells and Willis. How about Albert, Vernon(RF), Scott and Jimmy(CF) (MV4)or a Carp, Zito, Willis at the top of the rotation. Either option would be very good.

3. Gary Sheifield could cause some bad chemistry.

4. Lefties are key to any good staff. We were lucky to win without at least one starter in the playoffs. Flores and Johnson picked up the slack. Look back at how bad the Cardinals played against lefties.

5. college basketball

6. Go Vols

7. ipod and digital camera

I’ll play:

1. Mark DeRosa as a super-sub and solid bat against left-handers.

2. Everyone else is doing it, so I’ll cheat by picking two trade targets: Jake Westbrook and Jonny Gomes.

3. Mark Loretta. He’s a Type A free agent and would cost more than he’d add.

4. I’d be happy to see Narveson make spot starts but won’t be concerned if the Cards lack a regular lefty starter. Having good lefties in the bullpen like Rincon, Flores, and Johnson gives Tony the ability to neutralize the lefty bats later on if the starting pitching can keep them from killing us early.

5. College Basketball

6. Fighting Illini

7. Don’t have any unless a laptop counts.

1. Jason Schimdt. Love to see a grade A starter behind Carp. But he does have his red flags. I guess I’m not stoked really about any of this year’s FA
2. I suppose Marcus Giles. Don’t think he’d cost too much in terms of what we’d need to give up and he fills an immediate need.

3. Loretta. What liam said.

4. It’s not. See 2004. That said, I’d be fine if the Birds take a shot at Randy Wolf. No more Mulder, please.

5. NBA basketball.

6. Chicago Bulls.

7. My XM radio? does that count?

1. Soriano and then Wells
2. Willis then Wells

3. Matsuzaka, then DREW

4. Not critical

5. College football

6. Florida gators

7. Digital camera

1. Soriano and then Wells
2. Willis then Wells

3. Matsuzaka, then DREW

4. Not critical

5. College football

6. Florida gators

7. Digital camera

anybody see that in the graphic at for “free agent frenzy” Barry Bonds is landing somewhere in the middle of Missouri? is that an omen?

1. I’ll throw this one out there — Roger Clemens. I just think the idea of having Carpenter and Clemens at the top of a rotation come playoff time would be horrifying for an opposing club. If nothing else, I think it would create such a buzz around St. Louis and all of baseball that it would truly be an interesting situation to watch.

2. I’d love to see the Cardinals get a hold of one of the Rockies’ young starters like Jason Jennings — someone young who could give stability to the rotation for a few more years would be nice.

3. Gil Meche. Every report I’ve heard out of Seattle makes him out to be the second coming of Jason Marquis circa 2005-06.

4. Either you know how to pitch or you don’t… I think the lefty/righty matchups are over-emphasized sometimes. I’d much rather have a strong righty than a shaky lefty.

5. I’ll start watching the NFL more closely once the playoffs roll around, but I’m ready for some college hoops.

6. SIU Salukis — should have a real strong year. Bringing back their top eight scorers and the MVC is finally getting a little love nationwide.

7. I don’t have any of the expensive stuff… I am a big fan of my cell phone, though. I waste more time text messaging and playing Monopoly and Tetris.


1. If money’s no object…Soriano hands down. But since money is an object I think that Zito may be more of an option.
2. Since Edmonds is coming back I’d say Carl Crawford if at all possible, pitcherwise Willis would be nice but I think Jeremy Bonderman would be an interesting idea.

3. Sheffield was I guy I didn’t want to see them get into the mix with, now that he’s off the market I’d say I hope they don’t go after J.D. Drew.

4. Yes a lefty is important. It doesn’t have to be a top-notch lefty but at least a third starter.

5. NFL and College Basketball

6. NFL-Rams, CBB-SIU and Illinois, CFB-SIU and Michigan, NBA-Cavs, NHL-Blues

7. 80 gig IPod.

1. Soriano, HANDS DOWN! We DO HAVE THE MONEY TO DO THIS, Trade Looper and Encarnacion for Minor Leaguers, that frees up 10 Million, AND we have Izzy coming off the books in ’08! DO IT REDBIRDS! Protect Pujols, and he is a winner, he’s a big player in the postseason, a huge point!!

2. Jake Peavy, NO QUESTION!

3. Zito and Schmidt – Not worth the money they’ll get!

4. Pretty important, I would like to see us sign Lilly and Suppan for 14-16 million per year (for both) and then fill the last hole with a 3 mil per year guy.

5. NBA BABY – What a rush, not quite baseball, but close!



1. Jason Schmindt (11-9 3.59 ERA and he shares my birthday).
2. Vernon Wells. Edmonds is good but Wells is better. ( Wells- .303 AVG 32 homers 106 RBIS. Edmonds- .257 AVG 19 homers 70 RBI’s)

3. Zito- (16-10 with a 3.83 ERA) Zito is way to overrated. We’ve already tried a good A’s pitcher and it didn’t work for our team.

4. Very important. I would like Lilly ( 15-13 4.31 ERA) on our team. We have to many right handed pitchers.

5. NCAA football. GO NOTRE DAME!

6. College. The games are better.

7. Cell phone.

GO CARDS!!!!!!!!

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