Edmonds re-signed

New two-year deal for Edmonds, more details to follow.



I have more memories with Jimmy than any other Cardinal. Very happy to hear he’ll close his career with us, he’s the definition of a great ballplayer.

Great News- Edmonds deferred salary to let the cardinals aquire players to build to a championship; he plays hurt and hard; hes encouraged other quality players to come here…I’m glad the cardinals recognized the loyalty and rewarded him…besides hes still one of the bast in baseball…and I dont think its a coincidence the team started winning when he returned..(also eckstein)

The news of Edmonds’ return has made my day! I think this is wonderful for the team and for the fans. Jim’s dedication, example, and leadership are assets that are almost immeasurable. I admire him so much for playing through the pain he experienced this year and in past years. Now, Tony, Bill, and Walt, let’s take care of the pitching for the future!!!!

I was excited when I saw the Cardinals had signed Edmonds to a 2 year deal. He always plays hard and gives all he has even when injured. I hope the off season surgery and rest will allow him to get back into prime form.

Agreed with all…this was a great move to get done early and solidify center field. Removes a big question mark from the offseason plans.

My only concern: will Jimmy hang it up for sure after two years or could we enter a similar dilemma on whether to re-sign him or let him go? Just hope there’s not another headache in the future

I am so happy Jimmy stays with the Redbirds where I hope he finishes his career. He’s well on his way to being immortalized as one of the all time Cardinal greats and a great guy too. Plus I can’t imagine post season ball without him. Of a related nature; now that J.D. Drew is a free agent does it make sense for the Cardinals to pursue him and his left handed bat.
I’ve been away from St.Louis for many years (though my loyalty has never waivered) so I don’t know whether his personality was/is a good fit there. Is he a lone wolf? Or does he bond with his teammates. What about his enthusiasm or any lack there of?

I don’t know the man, but have admired his skills which clearly would be an improvement over Encarnacion who could possibly be packaged to bring in a quality 2B.

Matthew?…. Anybody?

I never liked Drew, so I dread the thought of his oversized Scott Boras-style paycheck crushing our payroll for 5 or 6 years with him being a steady .280-ish batter after driving in 100 runs this past year. Yuck. I never forgave him for those key strikeouts in the 2002 NLCS against the Giants, either, and consider him, in all cases, worthless. Pretty blunt and cruel, maybe, but I just can’t stand the guy.

Not to mention he’s like 31 years old now… He’ll be on the decline, so I pity the team that signs him.

This guy has always impressed me whenever I’ve seen him. I don’t watch the Cardinals every day, but this guy is tough. He get injections in his foot (Ouch!) before each game so he can play in the postseason? That pained me just to hear that. Even in pain, the guy plays hard and he can hit. It was guys like him and Eckstein I was very happy for when the Cardinals won the World Series.


i’m thrilled we’ve resigned spezio. i liked his impact in the first few weeks he was here, and of course his production throughout september and october was critical to the birds success. I like his spot, but it doesn’t look good on the fans. i think he will be part of the foundation for success the next couple or few years.

A little away from the subject, however now that we know Jimmy stays in center,everybody seems to be weighing in on who’s best suited to complement him in left + right. What are your thoughts on Trot Nixon ( yeah, I know he’s gone through injuries ).
But the guy’s got a cannon for an arm and can drive the ball.

Plus he seems like a real enthusiastic rah-rah type teammate and has a history of being active in his community….Don’t know where the free agent market values him but he’s alefty who bats over 340 against right handers. Discuss

i think juan should make the move over to left and duncan should play right. I think juan is a good bargain for the cards and he will play next year, he’s good for 20 homers, 80 to 90 rbis, and hits for average. I think duncan needs to shag thousands of balls this offseason, and if he does I think he can be an adequate right fielder, where he says he’s most comfortable.

I’m happy where getting Edmonds back. Edmonds is great with his glove as well as his bat ( 19 homers, 70 RBI’s and a .257 average.) Edmonds is one of the best centerfielders I have ever watched and I’m happy he’s coming back.

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