Carpenter extension

Cardinals just announced they signed Carpenter to an extension. His 2007 incentives are now guaranteed, his 2008 option is guaranteed, and he’s signed through 2011 with an option for 2012. Don’t have dollars yet. Stay tuned.



Great news! Chris Carpenter is a first class act, and I’m proud he wants to remain with a first class team.

Hey Matt,

Quick question or 2…Do you think the Cards realistically have a shot at Schmidt?

And the Pavano rumors, do you think that’s all just media circulated stuff or what? I just don’t think the Yanks could ever dump Pavano on anyone.

Matt – How much money does Jockety have to work with down there? For some reason I have $20 mil for this year in my head. That’s not much wiggle room for any major signings. Have you heard anything on the trade front. Everyone’s been saying this will be more of a trading year due to the high price tags. I’d love to hear what’s out there.

Also, I’m all for Florida facing Ohio State. I was kind of glad to see USC lose just to throw a wrench into everything. Hopefully they’ll do a little tweeking of the BCS after this year. Have fun in the sun (or under the dim lights in the reporters room). BC

I’m so excited. Carpenters always been my favorite pithcer.


My brother and I recently started a Cards blog and I’ve been reading yours for a while … I was wondering whether you would consider taking a look at it (and if satisfied) adding it to your blog roll. It’s “Cardinal Commentary” and the address is Thanks and have fun at the winter meetings.

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