Greetings from Disneyburg

Hello, all…

I come to you live from the oddly dark workroom at the Winter Meetings in Orlando. Not much shaking at this point, so far as I can tell. I’ll try to keep y’all posted via the blog as well as my daily reports, so do check in. I’ll cease to be incommunicado.

For those of you in Orlando or planning to come here, please take the time at some point to check out my favorite guide to the ins and outs of all things Disney. God bless Carl Hiaasen.

Quick BCS comment — The more I think about it, the more I’m OK with Florida in the title game. Michigan had two very good wins (Wisconsin, ND) and three others that you could call decent wins (at Penn State, Iowa, at Indiana). Florida has three very good wins (at Tennessee, LSU, Arkansas) and a boatload of at least decent wins (Southern Miss, Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, at FSU…). Michigan may be the better team, and they have the better loss, but Florida I think has the better resume. Plus it makes my dad happy. So that’s good.



If Florida wasn’t invited to the big dance, the SEC would have had every right to drop out of the BCS.

The whole thing is a joke, but discounting teams from the best conference in the country is ridiculous.

War Eagle.😉

Bring us a couple of decent pitchers, Matt.

Hi Matthew
welcome back. there were a fair number of good posts after we won the ws, requesting some feedback from you about various items. Any chance of getting back to us on those?

here was my post: (notice the “can you verify this?”)

I wish there was a post-season mvp so Molina can get the recognition he deserves. He had the best total offense of any starting position player in the post season.

I think that the better offense is due to the adjustment to a slightly open stance…can you verify this?

Molina is not as big a surprise as the “experts” say he is, at least to me. Didn’t he have very high BA in the 2005 and 2005 spring training, I think it was over 400 this year. Also, last summer 2005 didn’t he lead the entire team in BA for a period of one month?

Go Cards!

I wrote a column about 5 years ago advocating for a George Brett Award to be given to the postseason MVP. I think it would be an excellent idea, and though MLB has 80 zillion awards, I think it would be a very prestigious one.

As for Molina, Spring Training stats are basically useless, I’m sorry to say. I do think Molina has the tools to be a decent hitter, but I’d argue that it’s pretty hard to say his October was anything but shocking.


Michigan was robbed, plain and simple. Florida lost to the #9 ranked team. Michigan on the other hand only lost to the #1 ranked team by 3 points. That’s it. Also, can we please give this “SEC is the best conference” stuff a rest? The Big 10 has what most consider the two toughest teams in the nation. Also, the perennial doormat Illinois put a scare into The Ohio State when they played. The SEC simply has the reputation.

Anyway, I’m not even a college football fan but the Michigan thing gets me fired up.

If all you look at is the losses, sure. But Florida had so many more good wins — there’s just no denying this was a down year in the Big 10, and a very good year in the SEC.

As for Illinois, you can take one doormat team in any conference and point to them giving a top team a scare. It happens. Washington played USC tough. Vanderbilt played Florida tough. Etc. I don’t think one game by one second-division team proves a strong conference.



Thanks for the props to my team. I would be sad but not robbed if Michigan went to the big game instead of the Gators. To me, the biggest issue is that the goal would seem to be to find out if anybody really is better than the No. 1 team.

The very last game either Michigan or Ohio State played proved Ohio State was the better team on that day. Not much has changed with either team since.

While it could be that the two teams would split a ten-game series, that ain’t gonna happen. Florida lost a tough game on the Road to Auburn, ranked #2 when they lost to Arkansas a week before they beat Florida, and ranked as high as #6 when they lost to Georgia. The Gators have won six games since that loss.

We already know Ohio State can beat Michigan, we don’t know whether they can beat Florida. I will say, though, that as one of the staunchest fans of the old Orange and Blue, I’m terrified. The last (and only) time the Gators won a National Championship the stars had to line up in a most iprobable series of events, just like this time. So, maybe…

Go Gators. And, as always, Go Matthew. I’m actually a bigger fan of Matthew than of the Gators, though FSU games sometimes provide stern tests.

Please pass this on to Cards ownership. Crazy, but might work. 1) Trade Izzy and Encarnacion to Boston for Manny. Sign Dotel as closer.
2) Sign Suppan or Weaver or Mulder(lefty preferred), whichever is easier. Pay the piper for what we know

3) Trade Rolen for ARod. I heard a thought a while back that Rolen might be unhappy. I thought “I wouldn’t trade him for anyone unless it was ARod.” I was being ridiculous. Then I got to thinking…I would make that trade if ARod has 3 yr left on his contract, and NY might too.

I we did all of these successfully, I wouldn’t care what the Cubs do.

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