A couple of things

First and foremost, it was four years ago today that I met my beloved bride. So it’s a very happy day. Thank you, Erin. I love you tons.

Second, and much less important, I’m starting to go through all the music I heard this year to make my best-of-06 list. If you have suggestions/recommendations for things I may have missed, or just favorites you want to advocate for, please let me know in the comments. Thanks.



-Greg Laswell’s “Through Toledo”
-The Stills’ “Without Feathers”

-The Long Winters’ “Putting the Days to Bed”

–Headlights “Kill Them With Kindness”

All indie pop-ish records and very good. All have Myspace pages, but then, so does everyone. It’s no Enter Sandman, but all smart, well-crafted, excellent stuff from this year.

You just will not let the Metallica thing go, eh? FWIW, I’m all about the pre-Black Album stuff.

Anyway, thanks for the tips, I’ll definitely check them out.

Also picked up something by The Eames Era today after hearing them on WOXY. Apparently they were also on Grey’s Anatomy, but that’s surely not where I found them. Catchy, jangly, chickpop, for which I am always weak.


Matt – Sorry I don’t really have any suggestions for your best-of-06.

But, I do have a quick question. I know Ankiel quit pitching a couple years ago, but do you think he’s gotten it out of his system now and would be ready to take another go at it. I’m wondering it two years away from it will help with the mental block he had. I still think that’s his best way back to the majors and he’s got some serious talent. Just curious. BC

Those are some good tracks by The Eames Era. I’ve never heard them, so thanks.

If you like that brand of fun, indie pop, the record label Happy Happy Birthday To Me is choc full of fun, “Twee” bands like that. If you go got hhbtm.com, you can see their roster of bands which have links to their individual pages and songs.

And, yes, I will lay off the Metallica quips.

One more add. Earl Greyhound’s “Soft Targets.” Brand spankin’ new release from this three piece rock band from NYC. Huge guitars and fuzzy 70s rock hooks a-la-Trex and the like. Very good, real rock and roll.

I will be absolutely shocked if Rick Ankiel ever throws another pitch. It became an utterly miserable experience for him, and I just can’t imagine him wanting to do it anymore.


Matthew, try the new Guster CD (well, it came out earlier) or the new Incubus CD. Two of my favorites. Signed your favorite Mariners writer. Corey.

I was going to suggest Chili Peppers, but I saw you were listening to them so you already know how amazing Stadium Arcadium is. I would also suggest Les Claypool’s new album Tales of Whales and Woe, some great bass playin and story tellin on that one.

You should definitely consider “Vicarious” by TOOL.

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