Dear TV Network…

Dear TV Network Which Is A Partner Of Major League Baseball:

As a college football fan, I am greatly appreciative of the money and exposure you have given the BCS. A couple of the games that had a bit less juice going in, you pumped and pumped and helped make into bigger events. For this, I am appreciative.


A couple of hints, from someone who watches tons of CFB and loves the game.

First, please do make sure you don’t miss, you know, the SNAP OF THE BALL. This happened twice in the Sugar Bowl, including once on a play where a touchdown was scored. Seriously. Less than 1/3 of the time in a football broadcast is taken up by the ball being in play. Please do make sure that you don’t miss any of that 1/3 of the time. Additionally, there was another moment in last night’s game when the camera cut to cheerleaders while the ball was still in play on a run up the sideline.

Second, with no insult intended toward the broadcasters who have called these games, it would be lovely if you could find a way to use people who know college football to call them. Someone referred to Joe Tereshinski as a "star" at Georgia — he’s the backup QB. There seemed to be lots of these moments, times when it was clear that the people doing the games were out of their element. It’s a testament to them that they have been as knowledgable as they have, but really — these are the biggest games of the year, let’s get people who’ve been following the sport to call them.

Thanks much.


“First, please do make sure you don’t miss, you know, the SNAP OF THE BALL.” Matthew, is that a subtle hint to a certain baseball broadcasting outfit that has had a lamentable tendency to miss, you know, the FIRST PITCH OF THE INNING? If so, bless you for trying, but they’re too dumb to understand such subtlety, I think.

Well, no. I mean, that’s a problem too. And it’s the same people. So it’s broader issue.

But there was no subtlety intended in this particular case — I was really irritated that they twiced missed the snap in the Sugar Bowl.

In both cases, though, it’s a disservice to the viewer.


Matthew, you are 100 % correct. While watching the Capitol One Bowl in which my beloved Hogs lost to Wisconsin, they missed the snap at least once when coming back from commercial AND failed to show replays of what seemed to be phantom penalties against the Razorbacks. Also the commentators obviously didn’t know Fayetteville, Arkansas from B.F.E. They knew nothing of Arkansas and were totally bias in their commentating toward Wisconsin. It was completely disgusting and unprofessional. I tried to get on ABC Sports web site to complain, but conveniently, the site was down at the time.
…On a side note about the Capitol One Bowl, the Big East refs that worked the game were awful. The Hogs were penalized 12 times for 123 yards. That’s the most flags in a Hog game since 2002 and the most penalty yards in 31 years. Meanwhile, Wisconsin was penalized only 4 times for less than 30 yards, I think. That disparity is too large. If refs are gonna call every little nit picky play on one side, they need to be equal oppurtunity flag throwers. The Hogs were being called for pass interference if our defender even TOUCHED the reciever. On the other side, Wisonsin was allowed to play physical football with few penalties called, and no major penalties. The worst they got called on was an offensive hold. 5 yards and an automatic first down. All I’m saying is be fair to both teams. Flags should not have such a high disparity in a game like this, and should not have such an affect on the outcome for one side. Neither of these two good teams who have had tons of penalties all year long. Now suddenly the Hogs were being penalized every other play it seemed like.

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