The fine folks at A&E Home Video have provided me with three copies of the complete World Series DVD set — that is, the set with all five games — to distribute to you folks, the fine readers of OYNAG. So here’s how I’m going to do it. Please read the rules and guidelines carefully. And in the event of any dispute, I am the sole arbiter of who gets the sets.

I have three prediction questions. Each prediction question will yield one winner of the DVD set. The first correct answer for each question that is posted in the replies to this post AFTER NOON CENTRAL TIME ON MONDAY JAN. 8 will win one set. You may only enter once, and you may only win one set. So if the first person to post after the designated time gets all three questions right, then we will go on to the next person to get question 2 for the second set, and the next person to get question 3 for the third set.

The questions are as follows:

1. Who will be the first five pitchers to start games for the Cardinals in the 2007 regular season? It does not have to be in order. I just want the five names. Not necessarily the first five GAMES, since with off days there’s a good chance somebody will go more than once in the first five games. But the first five pitchers to start one game in the 2007 regular season for St. Louis.

2. Who will record the first save of the regular season for the Cardinals?

3. On Opening Day, who will bat in each of the following spots for the Cardinals: second, sixth and seventh? Name the player AND the spot. Just having the right three players is not enough. You must have them in order.

Please DO NOT POST YOUR ANSWERS until after noon Central time on Monday, Jan. 8. You may only post one set of answers. I will contact the winners seeking their addresses. Good luck, and have fun.



I like it…I have my guesses set up already, and I’ll post them as soon as I’m out of school on Monday. I hope I win, mainly because I want to see that DVD…you know I actually missed GAME FIVE of the World Series (To be with my at the time girlfriend). Yeah…I’ll never make that mistake again (for a girlfriend, that is, not someday when I’m married). Good luck to all the readers who enter.

-Brady Holzhauer

In the Cards


Great idea on the contest!

1. Carpenter





2. Izzy

3. 2 Duncan

6 Encarnacion

7 Molina

Matthew, I’d be interested in who you would guess.

I had this nightmare last night where Isringhausen started opening day. He gave up twelve runs in four innings, including an in the park home run. The only consolation I had was that I was definitely going to win one of the DVD sets, since surely no one else in their right mind would pick him as one of their five starters! Then, with some relief, I woke up, again clueless as to my picks. Anyway, here are my guesses:

1) Carpenter, Wells, Wainwright, Reyes, Weaver (I have a feeling he’ll be back)

2) Isringhausen (It was just a bad dream. I never said I didn’t like the guy!)

3) #2 — Duncan

#6 — Kennedy

#7 — Encarnacion

Keeping fingers crossed for a few months…

— Rich

1. Carpenter, Reyes, K.Wells, Wainright, … ahh… Weaver?
(never thought i’d be excited for / hoping for Weaver)

2. Looper

3. batting order: Second: Kennedy, Sixth: Duncan, Seventh: Encarnacion.

dont panic, just trust Walt, just trust Walt, just trust Walt. just trust Walt….

This is fun…
1.)Carpenter, Reyes, Wells, Wainwright, B. Thompson


3.) 2nd- Adam Kennedy

6th- Jim Edmonds

7th- Scott Spiezio

1. Chris Carpenter, Jeff Weaver, Kip Wells, Anthony Reyes, Adam Wainwright.
2. Bradon Looper

3. Batting 2nd Adam Kenedy, 6th Jim Edmonds, 7th Chris Duncan

1. Carpenter, Reyes, Wells, Weaver, Narveson

2. Adam Wainwright

3. 2nd Adam Kennedy 6th Duncan 7th Molina

1. Carp, wells, reyes, thompson, narveson
2. wainwright

3. 2 duncan, 6 encarnocion, 7 kennedy

mispelled encarnacion

Post my entry later, but FSU just hired Jimbo Fisher!! That should trump Cards news right now.

Starters–Carp, Wells, Weaver, Reyes, Wainright


Batting Order–2nd Kennedy, 6th Tagucci, 7th Duncan

1. carpenter, weaver, wells, reyes, wainwright
2. Isringhausen

3.2. duncan 6. edmonds 7. molina

1. carpenter, reyes, wainwright, wells, narveson
2. josh kinney

3. second, duncan ….sixth, encarnarcion …. seventh , kennedy

1. Carpenter, Kip Wells, Weaver, Wainy, Reyes

2. Jason Isringhausen

3. Second: Adam Kennedy

Sixth: Scott Rolen

Seventh: Yadier Molina

(Oh, and just to explain why I don’t have Duncan batting second is because I think he’ll bat cleanup with Jimmy Ballgame batting in the five hole…although I’m hearing Edmonds won’t even play on opening day now)

1. Carpenter, Wells, Reyes, Looper, B. Thompson

2. Tyler Johnson

3. Second: Taguchi; Sixth: Encarnacion; Seventh: Molina

Someone has to be the contrarian!

Okay, here’s a reach but who knows…

1. Carpenter, Reyes, Wainwright, Wells and Tomo Ohka. (I’d like to see Weaver back but I don’t think the Mets are gonna let that happen.)

2. Russ Springer (With Wainwright in the rotation and Izzy still not 100% by opening day, this could actually happen… well, maybe not, but who else is left?)

3. second: Duncan; sixth: Taguchi; seventh: Molina

1. Carp




2. Wainwright

3. 2nd Duncan

6th Encarnacion

7th Kennedy

1. Carpenter




2. Izzy

3. 2nd Duncan

6th Kennedy

7th Molina






3. 2nd Kennedy

6th Edmonds

7th Duncan

Note: Edmonds And Duncan are low in the lineup because of lefty Tom Glavine

1. Carpenter, Reyes, Wainwright, Wells, Cate

2. Hancock

3. 2nd: Kennedy, 6th: Duncan, 7th: Spiezio

1.)Carpenter, Reyes, Wells, Looper, Weaver.

2.) Adam Wainwright (I hope)

3.) 2nd-Chris Duncan, 6th-Juan Encarnacion, 7th-Molina.

Miles starts at 2nd in place of AK and bats 8th.

You heard it here first. Cards will sign Weaver and Mulder. They’ll add Russ Ortiz and Shannon Stewart to no-risk contracts. Narveson holds it down until Mulder comes back better than ever. Duncan hits 57 homeruns, but Pujols hits 63 and is MVP again. Rolen buys Larussa a puppy to bury the hatchet, and Encarnacion falls asleep playing right field in Jupiter and nobody wakes him up.

1.)Carp, Wells, Looper, Wainwright, Weaver

2.) Izzy

3.) 2nd Duncan; 6th Edmonds; 7th Kennedy

1.) Carpenter, Reyes, Wells, Wainwright, Weaver
2.) Looper

3.) 2nd – Duncan, 6th – Kennedy, 7th – Molina

1. Carpenter, Reyes, Wells, Wainwright, Narveson

2. Thompson

3. 2) Spiezio 6) Kennedy 7) Molina

What happens if nobody calls it correctly?

1.Carpenter Reyes Wainwright Wells Weaver

3. 2kENNEDY 6Duncan 7Molina


1. Carpenter – Wells – Reyes – Wainwright – Thompson

2. Jason Isringhausen

3. In spite of Tom Glavine pitching against on opening day — 2: Duncan 6: Encarnacion 7: Kennedy

Same pitching as Shaun Forrester, different lineup.

1. Carpenter, Wells, Reyes, Weaver, Wainright

2. Kinney

3. (2) P. Wilson

(6) Encarnacion

(7) Kennedy






OH MAN!!! I had Mulder in my original five, then changed to Brad Thompson because I wasn’t convinced Mulder would return. I should have gone with my original gut feeling. It would have been , Carp, Mulder, Reyes, Wells, and Wainwright. Ugh !!!!!!

Don’t worry, man — virtually no way Mulder is ready to be in the rotation that early in the season.


1)Carpenter, Reyes, Wells, Wainwright, Franklin

2) Franklin

3) 2-Duncan, 6-Kennedy, 7-Taguchi






3)2-duncan, 6-encarnacion, 7-molina

Alright, gotta play some strategy here, so don’t yell at me for picking very unlikely choices for the first two.

1) Carpenter, Reyes, Narveson, Wells, Franklin

2) Rincon

3) Lineup spots: 2nd – Chris Duncan, 6th – Encarnacion, 7th – Kennedy

1) Carpenter, Reyes, Wells, Wainwright, Looper
2) Isringhausen

3) 2-Kennedy, 6-Duncan, 7-Encarnacion


3) 2-Spiezio 6-Edmonds 7-Molina

Heres the logic..Pick a combo that hasn’t been chosen first of all! For the rotation I think the 5th spot is up in the air, Cate has been doing really well in the Mexican winter leagues, but who knows if they would even consider another youngster like him for the rotation. For the lineup I figure we will be facing Glavine opening day which means Duncan will likely be on the bench, Rolen in the 5th spot and Encar in the 6th. Edmonds will hopefully be ready to start the year in the 6th hole. Molina hits Glavine well and Kennedy IMO will bat 8th for tony. Speezer will get the start in left against the lefty and bat second.

1. Carpenter, Reyes, Wainwright, Wells, Franklin

2. Kinney

3. 2-Duncan, 6-Kennedy, 7-Encarnacion

1. Carpenter, Wainwright, Wells, Franklin, Reyes

2. Tyler Johnson

3. 2-Kennedy, 6-Encarnacion, 7-Molina

1. Carpenter, Wells, Wainwright, Reyes, Franklin

2. Izzy

3. 2-Duncan 6- Encarnacion 7- Kennedy

1. Carpenter, Weaver, Reyes, Wells, Franklin

2. Rincon

3. (2) Spiezio (6) Encarnacion (7) Miles

Oops …..

Just noticed somebody had beaten me to Rincon.

I wish to change my answer to No. 2 to:

Andy Cavazos.

1. Carpenter, Wells, Reyes, Wainwright, Franklin
2. Narveson

3. 2-Duncan, 6-Edmonds, 7-Kennedy

well I’m going for the crazy, yet possible.
1. Carp, Wells, Wainy, Franklin, Looper

2. 1st game, complete game Carp.

3. 2. Dunc 6. Rolen 7. Kennedy

1. Carp, Wells, Weaver, Wainwright, Franklin
2. Looper

3. 2 — Taguchi; 6 — Encarnacion; 7 — Molina

#1 — Carp, Wainwright, Wells, Franklin, and Troy Cate

#2 — Troy Cate

#3 — 2nd spot – Duncan, 6th spot – Spezio, 7th spot – Kennedy

1) Carpenter, Reyes, Wainwright, Wells, Franklin
2) Isringhausen

3) 2.Kennedy, 6.Duncan, 7.Encarnacion

1. Carpenter, Reyes, Wainwright, Wells, Narverson.
2. Looper

3. 2. Duncan, 6. Encarnacion, 7. Kennedy.

1. Carpenter, Reyes, Jon Lieber, Narveson, Brad Thompson

2. Chris Perez

3. Eli Marrero (2), Encarnacion (6), Kennedy (7)

1. Reyes, Wainwright, Wells, Looper, Thompson

2 Cate

3. Second- Speizio, Sixth- Encarnacion, Seventh- Kennedy

1. Carpenter, Wells, Reyes, Wainwright, and Chen.

2. Russ Springer

3. #2 Encarnacion, #6 Kennedy, and #7 Molina

1. Carpenter, Reyes, Wells, Cate, Narveson
2. Cate

3. Duncan, Marti, Kennedy

sorry, #3 should say,
2-Duncan, 6-Marti, 7- Kennedy

1. Carpenter, Wells, Reyes, Wainwright, Keisler

2. Keisler

3. Kennedy/Edmonds/Craig Wilson

1. Carpenter, Reyes, Wainright, Weaver, Franklin

2. Izzy

3. 2nd Duncan, 6th Encarnacion, 7th Molina

1. Carpenter, Reyes, Wells, Wainwright, Franklin.
2. Looper

3. 2: Duncan, 6: Encarnacion, 7: Kennedy.

1. Carp, Weaver, Reyes, Wells, Wainwright
2. Izzy

3. 2: Duncan; 6: Edmonds; 7: Molina

1. Carp, Weaver, Reyes, Wainwright, Narveson
2. Franklin

3. 2. Kennedy

6. Edmonds

7. Molina

1. Carp, Reyes, Wainwright, Carp, Wells
2. Johnson

3. 2) Speizo

6) Edmonds

7) Molina

1. Carpenter, Wells, Reyes, Weaver, Mulder
2. Springer

3. Kennedy, Edmonds, Molina (respectively)

1) Carpenter, Reyes, Wells, Franklin, Wainwright

2) Looper

3) Duncan, Encarnacion, Kennedy

1. Carpenter, Reyes, Wells, Wainwright, Narveson
2. Springer

3. 2-Duncan



One note — somebody answered for No. 2, complete game by Carpenter. If he throws a complete game win on Opening Night, that is NOT a winning answer. The question was who will record the first save. It was not who will get the save in the first game. If it’s May 1 before any Cardinal gets a save, that doesn’t matter. When that save comes, that pitcher is the winning answer to question No. 2.

1: Carpenter, Wainwright, Reyes, Looper and Wells

2: Springer

3: 2=Kennedy



Carp, Kip, Reyes, Adam, Franklin

Looper gets the first save

Duncan bats second

Encarnacion bats 6th

Molina bats 7th

Umm… TLR kinda stymied us on question 3. How does that get resolved?

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