A plea

Hola, all…

I have a request for anyone and everyone. Please don’t email me about All-Star tickets. There hasn’t even been an official press release from MLB about the game. MLB hasn’t even announced a 2008 game site yet. There is no ticket info yet. There almost assuredly will not be until sometime in 2008.

Thanks much.


(the somewhat overdue 2006 music review will be coming in the next few days)

currently playing on the speakers: Regina Spektor, Begin to Hope (yes, Mrs. Dude, when you arrive home there will be some new music in the house :-))


I promise.

But if you’ve got any hookups/info. for Blue Man Group or The Lion King’s Ice Dancing Cavalcade of Flavor Flav’s Amazing Race To The Battle of the Network Stars,……then spill.

Man, maybe this makes me lame, but I’d love to see Blue Man Group sometime.


Can’t help you there, Sally.

Diane — I understand your frustration; I’ve had the same irritation regarding the NFL for years.

BUT — I’m taking your comment down, because it’s a word-for-word replication of a story that appeared on the NY Times’ site, with no attribution or link included. Never mind the fact that it’s hijacking a completely unrelated thread.


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