Quiet, Err. I'm transmitting rage.

I don’t have a great deal to offer to yesterday’s insanity in Boston, but it’s still got me angry today, so maybe posting something will help me be less annoyed. First, disclosure: I spent four years living in Boston, and I absolutely love the city. Second, I also am a big ATHF fan.

Seriously, though, what in the world was the broadcast media thinking by the afternoon yesterday? That is, by the time it was clear these were NOT bombs? Check the photo here to see that it’s clear the thing was a Mooninite long before anyone had to take it into the dark. It seems either lazy or utterly irresponsible that by late afternoon broadcast types were still referring to "suspicious packages" rather than evil cartoons.

And what are the various government officials thinking still, in their desire to extort not just one but many pounds of flesh? Thank heavens for the Boston Phoenix, which has offered badly needed sanity. This piece touches on my first hunch in the first place — that the mayor and others knew they screwed up by overreacting, and rather than admit it, they’re trying to put the focus on someone else.

It wasn’t a hoax — by definition, a hoax is intended to deceive. These people didn’t want to deceive. And the things weren’t new — they’d been around Boston for a couple of weeks, just as they’d been in other cities. If it’s such a travesty, why didn’t the "devices" cause chaos sooner? The city and state overreacted hugely, and continued to overreact once it was clear how much they were overreacting. The same goes for the broadcast media reports I’ve seen and heard. Everybody dove into something, and once they were there, nobody could just say, "Whoops, we were really wrong. That’s embarrassing."

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go downstairs, have my breakfast and some delicious coffee, and hope there’s an Aqua Teen episode on my DVR.


(Currently playing: The Cure, Wish)


I agree that way too big of a deal was made out of this. I would never claim to be in tune with the hippy genre of life but I did appreciate the bailed out dudes allowing their press conference to focus only on 70’s hairstyles. Talking about that seemed to be as ludacris to me as the discussing the non-existent threat in an effort to sensationalize it. There were only what, 9 other cities these “devices” were in without incident? I guess if it weren’t for the issues in Boston ATHF would have received a lot less press. Good for it. And an apology from Turner, I hope Boston can begin the healing process now.

I you’re a Cure fan, you may want to check out The Glove, if you haven’t already. It’s a record by Robert Smith and Siouxsie they did in the early 80s, but has been re-issued in recent years. They only did the one record, but it’s pretty good.

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