Bowing down to Prince (and the Marching 100)

So. The Super Bowl.

Well, first of all, hats off to the Colts. They’re Mrs. Dude’s team (not to mention the choice of all her family, all of whom are in Indy), so I was rooting for them once my team was out. Dungy is nothing but a class act, and although I’m not Manning’s biggest fan, he’s gotten more grief than he deserved for their playoff struggles.

But while the game was entertaining, the halftime show was stunning. Prince just bloody rules. He’s a phenomenal performer, an ungodly guitarist, basically the perfect choice. He’s put on two of the greatest concerts I’ve ever seen. The last time I saw him, about 3 years ago, I thought he’d lost about a half-step. But now it seems that even if his prancing and showiness is down a smidge, he’s making up for it with even more presence and self-assurance. He’s absolutely incredible.

And then you add in the Marching 100, Florida A&M’s marching band.  Many of you may not have heard of the Marching 100, but they’re truly special. Seeing them on the field made me proud to hail from Tallahassee. Good for them, and good for Prince or the NFL or whoever it was that made the decision to have them on the field.


(currently playing: New Order, Best Remixes)

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I loved the Marching 100….I’ll leave it at that.

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