Dunc on the rotation

Greetings from Jupiter, where it’s warm and sunny. Wish I could send some of this balmy loveliness back to all of you in the Midwest.

Dave Duncan gave us today his view of how the rotation shakes down, and it’s clear that in his eye, it’s Braden Looper — not Ryan Franklin — who is the leading candidate for the fifth spot. Here are a couple of his comments:

"You usually go into Spring Training with maybe one or twospots at the most open in your rotation and the others pretty well locked down.
That’s not necessarily the case this year, even though I think there are five
guys that will get the priority. And if they do what I think they’re capable of
doing, they could very well leave camp as our starting rotation."

Follow-up question: who do you consider those five priority guys?

"Carpenter, Wells, Reyes, Looper and Wainwright."

What leads you to see Looper as the priority guy over, say, Franklin?

going to get an opportunity. But I think Looper has a chance of being something
special. He’s got the physical ability to do that, for sure. It’s just
adjusting to a different role."



Two thoughts on this. First, has Dunc ever actually taken a long-time reliever and made a starter out of him? I can’t recall one, although he’s had several go in the opposite, more common direction. Second, something about this sounds like a smoke screen to me. Wonder if a trade is brewing somewhere.

It does seem odd somehow, that Looper is a clear favorite in Duncs eyes. I guess just because we have never seen him pitch in more than an inning or two. I’m not convinced for sure. I just don’t see him getting out lefties consistantly enough to be a starter. We’ll see! For now I’m still rooting for someone who has more potential as a starter for more than a season…like Brad Thompson or Ryan Franklin.

I really agree with slforre..What about Brad Thompson and Ryan Franklin??? I don’t think Thompson has been given enough of a chance to prove himself..Come on Duncs…Looper???

I think Looper kind of sums up our starting pitching. He’s got the goods, but can he put it together. If he, and everyone below Carpenter can pitch to their potential, this staff could be something special. Also, if Duncan says Looper can be special, I think that goes a long way. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a one year deal. I don’t think we saw his best last year, even late in the season.

Either way, as I’ve told friends, all is good in my world. Baseball is back: Life is good.

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