Sunshine and Arti Gras

Good news: the sun came back out today and the temperature picked up too. Lovely day, and any day now we’ll be in shorts again.

Bad news: Arti Gras (a street fair/art festival) started today, guaranteeing near-impossible navigation of the streets of the Abacoa development for the next three days. It’s an absolutely miserable experience trying to get from the main thoroughfares to Roger Dean Stadium during Arti Gras. Ah well.

As for baseball, today was another relatively uneventful day. Pitchers are still only throwing bullpen sessions, and it’s tough to tell much about where anybody is until they’re throwing to hitters. The five expected starters — Carpenter, Wainwright, Looper, Reyes, Wells — continue to throw at similar times, generally paired with each other and generally throwing to the Major League catchers. This is not coincidence, as nothing is a coincidence on a TLR/Dave Duncan Spring Training program.

The whole atmosphere has remained pretty relaxed so far. Folks seem to be in good moods, including the skipper and front-office types.

Currently playing on the iPod: an assortment of my New Order favorites.


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