The man in the red jersey, Dude. Worthy **** adversary.

During the first day or two of live batting practice, aka "pitching practice," typically you don’t see star-versus-star matchups. If Albert Pujols is swinging, he’s probably swinging against Andy Cavazos or Troy Cate. Conversely, if Chris Carpenter is pitching, he’s probably pitching to Bryan Anderson and Miguel Negron.

Today, that started to turn a little bit, as we got a few entertaining matchups out on Field No. 5. The best, easily, came when Pujols stepped in to face Adam Wainwright. For the most part, there weren’t a lot of fireworks, since it’s still early and neither guy is at peak form. It’s not like Wainwright snapped off a fall-off-the-table curve and got Pujols chasing something in the dirt, or Pujols hit a 450-feet monster shot.

But the first time Pujols stepped in, for the first pitch, we got one of those moments that make Spring Training so much fun. The first pitch from Wainwright was a big curveball that started way up and snapped hard. And Pujols, who isn’t known for bailing out on anybody’s curveball, bailed out on this curveball. He ducked back, and quickly. And he laughed. Fun moment, and the kind of thing that makes it such a treat to be on the back fields at this time of the spring.


(Currently playing on the iPod: Dinosaur Jr., Where You Been)


Dinosaur Jr. rocks. Go Cards!

I’ll be at the Cards Spring Training 3/1 to 3/5. Any chances I will get to see Bryan Anderson catch an inning or maybe bat?

His Grandma

I saw Dinosaur Jr. in concert in 1988 in Oakland, CA. Opening band was Nirvana – pre “Nevermind”. Their big song at the time was “Negative Creep”. Blew me away.

Quick question with regard to the backfields. Are they open to the general public? If I go one year, could the kids and I sit by one of the backfields to see that kind of action?

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