Live from Jupiter, it's Monday afternoon!

So they’re playing ball, even if the opponent is a not-very-well-known college team based in Boca Raton, Fla. I come to you live from the press box at Roger Dean Stadium, where it’s the third inning of the Cardinals-Owls tilt. The Redbirds jumped to an early lead when Travis Hanson hit a bouncing double down the first-base line and scored on Ryan Ludwick’s single. Troy Cate looked solid in two innings, putting up a 2 1 0 0 0 2 line, and has been relieved by Kelvin Jimenez.

They’ll play a professional opponent on Wednesday, of course, when RDS hosts its first "Fins and Feathers" game of the year. But in the meantime, any kind of competition is nice to see.

Earlier this afternoon, the Cards regulars played a "coaches game" that was a little more entertaining than usual. Yours truly called a Rick Ankiel homer — literally, I said, "Ricky goes deep here," and the next pitch was gone. The benchies team — featuring Yadier Molina, Chris Duncan, John Rodriguez, Skip Schumaker and Scott Spiezio, among others — beat the starters team, 7-6. The starters squad included all of the starting infielders, Preston Wilson, Ankiel, So Taguchi and Gary Bennett.

Rodriguez made the play of the game, a beautiful diving stop in right field off an Ankiel drive. The benchies team turned some nice double plays, both Miles-Cabrera-Marrero and Cabrera-Miles-Marrero. Ankiel made one very nice play but also muffed a couple of balls, and Chris Duncan got turned around once on a fly ball. On the offensive side, Albert Pujols and Taguchi hit home runs as well as Ankiel.


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