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The lineups for today’s Grapefruit League opener are up, and the two teams are taking pretty different tacks. The Cards have as close to an Opening Day lineup as they’re able to field at this point, with three guys hurt:

Eckstein SS, Duncan LF, Pujols 1B, Rolen 3B, Wilson RF, Rodriguez DH, Molina C, Taguchi CF, Miles 2B

The Marlins, on the other hand, have two likely Opening Day starters in their lineup. Apparently they used their starters — no kidding — extensively against the University of Miami yesterday, rather than against the Cardinals today. There is one name that may be very familiar to Cards fans in the FLA lineup, though:

Amezaga 2B, Andino SS, Boone 3B, Jacobs 1B, Hermida DH…
wait for it…
Gall LF,
De Aza RF, Treanor C, Reed CF

One other unrelated note:

Bird Land’s Derrick Goold and I went out for dinner last night. We intended to go to The Grape, a new restaurant in Palm Beach Gardens. However, when we got there, it was overrun by beautiful people and TV media types. We asked someone there, a gentleman with The Grape’s corporate organization, and he told us they were hosting a private party for the PGA (which is in town this weekend for the Honda Classic).
But what made it notable was one of their investors decided to drop in. A fellow who goes by the name of Usher. Or Ursher, if you ask Ludacris. He came down to lend his name and some publicity to the event.
His voice, however, did not make my booty go smack. Just for the record.



haha, that last line is priceless. I’m curious to see what Gall does for Florida during the spring.

I haven’t checked to see the outcome of the game yet, but one thing I noticed in your post was the whole Usher/Ursher thing. I’ve heard it pronounced that way before and I work with people that speak of the “urshers” at their church and it drives me crazy. Those R’s are needed in other places, I wish they wouldn’t throw them in arbitrarily. Ok now to check the game outcome…. not sure I have an opinion on Gall w/ FLA – just glad there’s Cards baseball being played again!!!

I would just like to add that at dinner I was quite happy Matthew’s booty did not go smack. Would have led to an awkward silence.



M’s Ursher comment was a reference to the Usher/Ludacris/Lil’ John song ‘Yeah.’ At the end, Ludacris states that “Ursher has the voice to make your booty go smack.”

I can understand your frustration with the misplaced “r,” but it really was funny.

E., glad M.’s booty didn’t go smack. I would hate for D. Goold to feel uncomfortable.

The Grape? Beautiful People? TV Types?

Give me a break.

Out here in the Sonora Desert, we don’t hang out in such places.

Young Matthew needs to hang out at the Sage & Sand. All you need to know about that place is that it is located just outside the Main Gate at Luke Air Force Base.

Cold Beer, good juke box and shuffleboard. Only problem is that jukebox ain’t got nuthin that’s ever been played on Matthew’s I-Pod.

And probably never will

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