Quick update: Wilson back, many gone

A few things to update upon my arrival at camp this morning:

  • First, Preston Wilson is in the starting lineup for today’s game against the Astros, though he’s not in the outfield — he’s the designated hitter.

  • Second, no Adam Kennedy yet, and Kennedy isn’t listed on the travel roster for Fort Lauderdale tomorrow.

  • Third, there are a bunch of cuts today — at least eight, based on how many lockers have been cleared out. It’s not officially announced yet, but it’s safe to say that if your locker has been cleared out, you’re headed over to Minor League camp. Pitchers Chris Lambert, Mike Parisi, Mike Sillman and Mark Worrell are gone, as are catchers Michel Hernandez, Ryan Christianson, Danilo Sanchez and Bryan Anderson. That’s not necessarily all the moves; we could have more names announced when they officially release the list, but those are the ones who are gone now.

I’ll have more on all of it as the day goes on.


Most of those cuts are of the ho-hum variety, but how did Bryan Anderson look? He’s still probably a couple of years away from the Show, and if they’re moving pitchers to the minor-league camp, some catchers have to go with them. However, Anderson is reputed to have all sorts of promise due to a big bat. Did he look overmatched, or did he belong? Importantly, can he *catch*? His bat, while good, isn’t rumored to be good enough to stand a move to first or the outfield. What did you think of him, Matt?

Anderson has a really nice swing. I like him a great deal as an offensive player, both from his performance in the Minors and from what I’ve seen in previous camps. Didn’t really get much chance to see him play this year, honestly.

As for his defense, what I’ve been told is that it’s improving, and that he’s making a real effort at it. I think he’s well-regarded for what he’s putting into it, and I think there’s a decent chance he could stick as a catcher long-term.

Personally, I’m very high on Anderson overall. If you hit like he hit in a full-season league at age 19, you’re probably going to have a nice career.



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