Eckstein back tomorrow?

In the postgame session with TLR today, he caught us all a little off guard with some positive news on David Eckstein.

The skipper said Eckstein could be back in the lineup on Sunday. Apparently, Barry Weinberg told TLR that Eckstein should be available Monday. But the mgr wants Eckstein to go to Fort Myers on Tuesday, and he doesn’t want him to play two days in a row after missing a week. So he said most likely Eckstein will play Sunday, be off Monday, and play Tuesday. The other option is he’ll sit Sunday and Monday, then play Tuesday.

Either way, it’s a little more optimistic than had seemed to be the case before this afternoon. I’ll have more on it in my notes later today, of course.



(no music right now, because I still haven’t transcribed my interviews yet. but I had Jay-Z’s The Blueprint as the soundtrack for the drive down from Palm Beach Gardens. Great driving music, that.)

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