Stanford? Really?

Seriously? Stanford? Really?

Stanford? 18-12 Stanford? Stanford that went 10-12 against teams with more than 11 wins, and 13-12 against teams with more than SEVEN wins? Stanford with the 67 RPI? Stanford that lost four of its last five and six of its last nine? Honestly?

That’s a better candidate than Drexel or Florida State or Syracuse?

Ah well. Clearly this is a better system than the BCS.


-M, still enjoying Pearl Jam live at MSG from 2003. Five discs of pure joy.


I have to agree with you on that one. I attend Missouri State and I was personally supporting our 22-10 38 RPI but any of those four would have been much better choices. The whole BCS system and the March Madness system are drastically biased.

Nice showing, Stanford. Way to make the committee look good.


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