What do you do for recreation?

…Oh, the usual. I bowl. Drive around. The occasional Minor League Spring Training game.

I went out and saw the kids play on the back fields today, and it remains one of my absolute favorite experiences in Spring Training. Watched a few innings of the Memphis-Springfield tilt, and a little bit of Palm Beach versus Quad Cities.

Memphis’ lineup: Brendan Ryan SS, Reid Gorecki CF, Travis Hanson 3B, Nick Stavinoha RF, Rico Washington DH, Amaury Cazana Marti LF, Matt Dryer 1B, Michel Hernandez C, Jarrett Hoffpauir 2B. Chris Lambert was the first pitcher, followed by Eric Haberer.

For Springfield: Sean Danielson, Tyler Greene SS, Randy Roth, Joe Mather, Juan Richardson 3B, Mike Ferris 1B, Ian Church LF, Danilo Sanchez C, Kevin Estrada 2B. I am assuming that Danielson was in center, Mather in RF and Roth at DH, but I cannot be certain of that. Trey Hearne started for the S-Cards.

Among the noteworthy sights:

* Cazana Marti (whose jersey simply reads "Cazana") smacked a home run to the opposite field off of Hearne. It was very nicely struck. He also singled.

* Ryan tripled and scored, and Roth had an RBI triple that scored Greene.

* It was a rough one for Lambert, whose fastball seemed to get hit pretty hard and who allowed a walk, a hit batter and lots of hard contact (triple, homer, two balls to the warning track) in two innings.

* Hearne also gave up two runs, but remember it was against much stiffer competition than he’s seen, and his curveball was very impressive. Really nice pitch.

Obviously all observations are subject to being taken with grains of salt. Even so, it was fun to put faces and uniform numbers to the names you hear and read about all year. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again now — if you’re down here in Jupiter, one experience you need to have is to go out on the back fields and watch some Minor League ball.


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