Roster speculation 2007

Welcome to my first stab at a projection for the Opening Day roster. As past experience goes, this is far from a guarantee of anything. Last year it changed a couple of times as the weeks went on. But hopefully we’ll at least start a little discussion here.

Starters (5): Chris Carpenter, Kip Wells, Adam Wainwright, Anthony Reyes, Braden Looper
Relievers (7): Jason Isringhausen, Brad Thompson, Russ Springer, Josh Hancock, Randy Flores, Tyler Johnson
Catchers (2): Yadier Molina, Gary Bennett
Infielders (6): Albert Pujols, Adam Kennedy, David Eckstein, Scott Rolen, Aaron Miles, Scott Spiezio
Outfielders (5): Chris Duncan, Preston Wilson, So Taguchi, Skip Schumaker, John Rodriguez
DL: Jim Edmonds, Juan Encarnacion, Mark Mulder, Josh Kinney

Assuming that Edmonds and Encarnacion are both on the DL, the only really wide-open area seems to be the bullpen, where you still have more pitchers than spots. I have Ricardo Rincon off, because I think they may find a way to flip him for something. The only guys who really seem like locks to me in the pen, though, are Izzy, Springer, Thompson and Flores. The other four — Franklin, Hancock, Rincon, Johnson — need to be wedged into three spots. If Johnson turns it around, and I expect he will, he pretty much becomes a lock too. They love him, and with good reason. But if he keeps struggling, don’t forget that he does have options.



Yadier Molina is a good catcher.

I know Looper has probably earned the fifth spot in the rotation, but I, like many Cards fans, will be holding my breath during his first few outings.

So what happens if Izzy is ineffective, much like last year, and Mulder comes back strong? Do you put Looper back in the bullpen then?

If those things coincide timewise, I could see that happening. But Mulder won’t pitch before June.

And I really think people are more nervous about Izzy than they need to be. He was hurt last year. The year before that he had the highest save pct. in the NL, if I recall. I know I’ve been a backer of his, but I also know what I’m seeing right now — and it looks really, really good.


It’s looking to me like TJ is pitching his way to Memphis. A bit of a shame, if for no other reason than I was thinking like you that the Cards might be able to get something for Rincon if he kept pitching fairly well.

Folks — and this is not necessarily directed just at theronroe, so please don’t think I’m taking a shot — please don’t read too much into spring stats. Yes, Tyler is struggling. But no, he’s not ticketed for Memphis at this point. If he’s still struggling in two weeks, that’s another matter.

But four games in March will not outshine a body of work in the case of most players. If a guy is going about it the wrong way, that can hurt him. But simply having iffy numbers is not a death sentence for most guys at this point.


I only count 6 relievers but you say seven will make it. I assume Franklin is the other one?

Yikes, good catch, thanks —

Yes, I project Franklin on the OD roster as a reliever.


I don’t see Marrero’s name on your projected roster for Cards or the Redbirds. How has his spring been? I have always liked him as a player and I think his versatility fits very well with LaRussa’s style. What do you think Eli’s future will be?

He’s done fairly well, and they’re pleased with him for the most part, but it’s just hard to see where he squeezes in.


What about Dennis Dove? I think that with the stuff he has that he could be the 8th inning setup man that kinney would have been.

I might flip Looper and Thompson, at this point I’m more comfortable with Brad taking a shot at the starting position.

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