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The Definitive 200

Santana’s Supernatural is more "Definitive" than anything by Prince, the Clash or Bruce Springsteen? Shania Twain’s Come On Over is more Definitive than Appetite For Destruction or The Chronic? Norah Jones’ debut ahead of Kind of Blue… the soundtrack to Grease ahead of What’s Going On? And so on and so on. Clearly, on this list, "definitive" = "commercially successful."

I understand that anytime you do a list like this, it’s subject to a lot of taste and judgment variation. But mostly, it’s very, very clear that this list was done with heavy input from music RETAILERS, rather than music producers, or music lovers. So why not just list the 200 best-selling albums of all time, and drop any pretense of quality or influence or anything like that?

Anyway, please discuss.



How about “Who’s Next” over “Tommy” for the definitive album for The Who? Or “Abbey Road” over The White Album for the Beatles? Seriously, aside from about the top five it is hard to understand what they were thinking.

Hear, hear on Who’s Next. Just a perfect record. Personally, I love Abbey Road and I find the White Album a smidge overrated. But those are matters of taste.

But seriously, any list that includes as many albums by Avril Lavigne as by the Clash, well, that’s messed up.


How about nothing by Elvis until 53. The King can’t get above 53???

Also, I love Abbey Road as well, but Bungalow Bill cracks me up everytime, so the White Album gets my nod. I totally agree about Avril Lavigne, though.

There was an article about this list in Monday’s PD but it only listed the top 100 and I was too lazy to see what the rest of them were. When I read the top 20, though, I kept thinking how much you’d like it because of how heavily they favored the Rolling Stones.

I did like that. And they made good Stones choices, too.

But still. Avril. Clash. Clash. Avril.


Go Butler!

These lists are always frustrating. I actually remember one from Spin in the mid-90s that was pretty good, but it eschewed a lot of more commercial stuff for more indie.

Noteworthy items I saw on this “Definitive” list are:

–Green Day’s latest listed at 61 and Sabbath’s Paranoid at 62. This is, obviously, a problem.

–R.E.M. makes the list…at 73, but they list Automatic For the People as their highest “definitive” contribution. No. No. No. R.E.M. changed the face of college radio and influenced vast numbers of bands in the 80s especially), but Automatic….is by no means the record which defines that band. All the I.R.S. releases and even Green are so much better, it’s laughable.

Despite the fact that I’m too young to have been into R.E.M. in their prime, they’re probably my favorite band. I have to agree with you, Eospictureguy, about Automatic not being their definitive contribution. I love Automatic, but it’s not their best stuff.

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