Back in the saddle

Your faithful correspondent is back after a three-day break, including a visit to Disney (yes, this from the guy who recommended Team Rodent to you) and a dinner at Margaritaville, all in the company of my beloved bride.

Anyway, a few bits and pieces to touch on.

* Please, everybody, stop fretting about Albert Pujols. There are two questions to ask. One, is he healthy? Two, is he still Albert Pujols? Yep, and yep. He’ll hit. He’s fine.

* Big thanks to one faithful reader who always comes through in Spring Training. Earl Greyhound was awesome, listening to Greg Laswell now, can’t wait to get to the rest of it.

* Speaking of music, odd sequence before the game today. Steve Cropper threw out the first pitch, but didn’t perform the anthem. Hey, it’s exciting to be in the same building with Cropper, who has a ridiculously great resume. Cripes, the dude co-wrote "Dock of the Bay" and "In the Midnight Hour," among MANY other highlights. The Beatles wanted him on Revolver. Keith Richards called his playing "perfect." But you bring him to the park, then he doesn’t perform? Alas.

* In all the talk about whether Mark Martin will run Bristol, something important is being forgotten: leading the points doesn’t mean what it used to. You could be first in points at the end of race No. 26, but if you have no wins, you could be 12th at the start of the Chase. Just because Martin leads the points right now, doesn’t necessarily mean he has a great shot at the title unless he starts winning. Seems to be left out of the discussion a lot.

* Spring practice is under way! Woohoo!

Back tomorrow with the return of Lucky Seven, thanks to some prodding from T.R. Sullivan.

Currently playing: Greg Laswell, Through Toledo.


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