Edmonds in, rotation set

More to come as the day goes on, but here are the morning’s two news nuggets:

1. Jim Edmonds is in the lineup, batting second and playing center field. He may only get two ABs today, and TLR sounded as though it’s still not for certain that he’ll be on the roster to start the season. But you’d have to figure he’ll make it work.

2. The rotation is set for the first week. Carpenter, Wells, Looper vs NYM; Carpenter, Wainwright, Reyes vs HOU.



In that order, Matt? I was expecting — maybe “hoping” is more accurate — that Wainwright would have the mythical “fifth starter” slot, not because he isn’t good (ha!), but because it’s the fifth starter that occasionally skips starts, and that would help manage his work load as he makes the transition from the pen. Probably not a big deal, but youneverknow…

That is the order in which they’ll pitch, but of course it’s subject to shuffling as the year goes on.

I’m quite confident that they do not consider Wainwright the fifth guy; I’m not sure who IS that guy, but I’m quite sure he is not. Remember, his workload is probably less in need of really careful management than some of the other guys’.

Wainwright threw 184 innings two years ago and has topped 160 two other times. Last year was the first time Reyes went past 150 in a pro season. And of course Looper has never pitched 100 in a pro season.


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