My lucky seven

Here are my calls for this past week’s Lucky Seven:

1. I’d have to agree with y’all, the infield is pretty stout. I’d like to see more offense from catcher, so I separate that unit, but the four infielders make a fine group.

2. The greatest concern right now seems to be the outfield, more because of Edmonds than anything. If he’s right, if he can even hit like he did in ’05 (never mind ’04), it makes a huge difference in the offense. If he’s not up to standards, it’s a problem. I think they can mix and match pretty effectively in right field.

3. IF everyone is healthy: Duncan nearly every day in LF. Edmonds nearly every day in CF. Rodriguez and Encarnacion splitting time in RF, and Wilson getting ABs against LHP in LF and CF. Taguchi as a defensive guy but not playing much offense.

4. St. Louis, Milwaukee, Houston, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati

5. All the starters, but especially Adam Wainwright’s thus-far seamless transition. I’m expecting a big year from him.

6. This one is fairly easy at this point, seems to be. Before the tournament, however, I did all right — Georgetown, UCLA, Florida and Texas A&M. Amazing that I’m completely out of the mix despite calling three of the four right.

7. I’ve thought about this one a lot. Came up with a couple, including a variation of the one I listed at the start: James Brown, Parliament/Funkadelic and Prince… But I think a real dream bill would be: Jeff Buckley first, Pearl Jam second and The Who (in their prime) as the headliner. We should revisit this one, though.



Matt: Comments on “LUCKY 7” Picks…from a Cardinals fan since 1949 (age 10) and a rock and roller since doo wop and WLAC (Nashville AM)

1) I think Yadier will have a breakout year, offensively. The post- season did wonders for his confidence and he looks MUCH more relaxed at the plate.

2) Totally agree.

3) Ditto. Ankiel gets called up in September… earlier if Edmonds gets hurt.

4) Flip Pittsburgh and Chicago. The Cubs continue to struggle (plus their usual late season tank job) with their aces hurting.

5) BIG agreement about Wainwright. But ALL five starters have been AMAZING this spring!

6) Since the Final Four is set, I’ll modify it to say that Florida will win it all…again!

7) This one’s important to me and the main reason I’m responding. I’ll qualify this by saying I had my own post-punk band in L.A. We were terrible but were on the garage band circuit for the girls anyway. We tried to make decibels cover up our ineptitude…and standing in front of a Marshall stack turned up to 11 is why I have tinnitis, today. My picks (in order):







Close behind would be Seger and The Who.

Now I’m going to give you my CURRENT favorites, ALL of whom you may never have heard of given your demonstrated choices…All I can say is PLEASE don’t be put off by the fact that they are country…these are NOT the formulaic, Nashville/Pop pabulum singers and bands…this is ALTERNATIVE COUNTRY!







With the exception of Mary Gauthier and Townes Van Zandt, who tend toward the traditional but are most definitely not going to be invited to the Grand Ol’ Opry (especially Townes…he’s dead!), these folks ROCK! They are MUCH closer to punk than traditional country. Close behind would be Porter Hall Tennessee and The Waifs (Australia).

4. I’d have to put Houston second, can’t imagine them not being right there with us.

6. Florida all the way, although they are making every tournament game a nail-biter for me.

7. I agree with one posting of Marshall Tucker/Allman Brothers/Lynyrd Skynyrd. My other line up would be Jim Croce/Gordon Lightfoot/Harry Chapin.

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