Camp day

The Cardinals took a lineup that wasn’t exactly full of big names down to Fort Lauderdale today, so it seemed like a perfect day to stay back at camp and keep an eye on things here. That turned out to be a good decision, as it’s been a very pleasant day here in Jupiter — and the old stadium in Lauderdale is not exactly one of the Grapefruit League’s palaces.

* Jaime Garcia threw for Springfield against Memphis on another "camp day," and although he had to work hard, it was easy to see some of the things the club likes about him. He pitched at 91 and hit 94 with a curveball that was impressive at times (but inconsistent). Rick Ankiel, however, hit a monstrous homer to right off Garcia. In the three innings I saw, he allowed two runs on six hits, struck out one and walked three. He lasted five total.

Camp days are not the favorites of some of the Minor League players — the atmosphere leaves a bit to be desired when you’re facing your own guys. But they have their benefits, especially for the people who want to watch multiple teams. Besides, as one person affiliated with the Memphis team said the other day, "Is it really any worse than playing Albuquerque five times a week?"

* Jason Isringhausen tried to prank three of his fellow bullpenners in the morning, adding their names and "late additions" to the travel roster posted in the clubhouse. I’m told that at least for a moment or two, there was some angst on the part of the non-traveling crew.

I’ll be traveling tomorrow, so I’ll try to get something up here (a new Lucky Seven, perhaps) but I can’t guarantee it. Do check by just in case. Hopefully I’ll be offering stuff up to you semi-regularly from Memphis, which should be a fun weekend.

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That Izzy!

Heh…Izzy, Izzy, Izzy…you funny man you. Really, it’s good to see he’s pranking a bit, it looks like he’s going to be fine for the start of the season.

Here’s a question: I saw on the news where J-Rod was sent to Memphis yesterday, and Schumaker is now officially on the roster. How long do you suppose it will be until they replace the Human Horizontal Windmill (Wilson) with Skip?

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