The Ballpark

So, to my eye, and in conversations with other folks around here, the ballpark just feels nicer this year. The press box is dramatically upgraded, which we appreciate, but that’s not the only thing. It’s all the little things. The championship bat handles above the video board, the video board itself, and plenty of other stuff.

It just feels like this is the finished product of new Busch Stadium. And it feels like a nice ballpark.

For those of you who attended on Sunday night, what say you? And any others who attend over the coming days, please offer your opinions too. I’m much higher on Busch III today than I was six months ago.



Hi Matt. Yes- the place did look good. I particularly appreciate the additional women’s restrooms.

I, like many others, had a tear in my eye for Stan.

I do have a question for you though – Where was Ozzie last night?

I think the snazzy new pressbox has clouded your judgment. What improved?
1. Instead of big permanent ads on the right-hand scoreboard, we now have video ads hawking tickets and gameday magazine. Granted, nothing else was going on last night, but no big change there.

2. In fact, all the new smaller video boards were just running ads as well.

3. Lots of new signage up, and I guess for the 100-200 people who’ve never been there before, it helped

4. The vaunted new escalators did not work.

5. The music is still too loud.

6. The people running the multimedia, even after a year’s worth of practice, still mucked something up on average of once an inning.

Umm, so what is actually better?

I thought the ballpark was all fine and dandy until I saw the conditions in left field. No I am not talking about the grass, or the seats or even the banners or bathrooms. I am referring to SO TAGUCHI. That guy is a nightmare. He is not even an average MLB backup more or less a starting day left fielder. I have sent you messages to your mailbag about this matter before, and now I am becoming disgusted. Any cardinals fans who root for Taguchi and think he is good for the team are completely clueless. We have at least 3 guys in AAA that have better abilities than SO, are younger than SO and need the MLB experience, and also are making less money. Why does Tony Larussa have so much loyalty for a guy who has never proven himself in the MLB????

Tony needs to wake up or we are going to lose a lot of games by not scoring any runs.

The new video board, as I understand it, will have out-of-town scores — once there are out-of-town scores to report.

But mostly, what’s better, and what I tried to hint at, is what in a car they would call “fit and finish.” It just feels, like I said, like it’s finally done. The little trim touches inside and out look nicer.

JMO, which is why I asked…


You know why I like So, Brandt? Because I really love that World Series banner. It’s nice to be the World Series Champions. It’s a good feeling. Without So Taguchi, we wouldn’t be World Series champions. He started the rally in Game 2 of the NLCS. Without So Taguchi, we likely would’ve lost in 6 games. Without So Taguchi, we would more than likely not be World Series Champions. And I’m happy that our guys finally got those rings.

There are some things in baseball that go beyond a mere numbers game. That’s why I like So Taguchi, and will continue to like and support him.


Be real. There are at least thre e cardinals in the minors that deserve a roster spot more than Taguchi. The guy brings nothing to the team. His upside is no existent. For some reason Larussa loves the guy. It obviously is not baseball related. And for “starting a rally”, a home run does not start a rally. SO got lucky and put one over the fence. Yes that was nice, but you know who else helped us win the WS??? Suppan and Weaver, and guess what, they are not on the team anymore. The cardinals should have let Taguchi go just like they let those two go and they probably would have IF ANYONE ELSE WANTED HIM.


Let’s keep the tone civil.

Two things regarding Taguchi:

1, Apparently the Cards did want him, because they had the choice of non-tendering him. Instead, they signed him for seven figures. Not saying they should or shouldn’t have. Just saying they did, which indicates they do like what he can do.

2, There’s a big difference between cheering for a guy and believing he’s a quality ballplayer. Rbrandt, hopefully you appreciate that it doesn’t say anything about a person’s smarts or savvy if he or she simply likes a player. We’ve all had favorites over the years who weren’t the star of the team.

Anyway. I have my own opinions about So, and frankly I think he’s best suited to being a defense-only fifth OF at this point. But I understand that people like him, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Mostly, both of y’all and everyone, keep it polite. I don’t want shouting matches around here, and if they start, I’ll delete ’em.


Also, as I’ve said before, please don’t hijack threads.

Anyone else with thoughts on the ballpark, please don’t be put off by the side conversation. I want to know what y’all think.


Thanks for the comments Matt.

In response to one thing you say, you believe that he should be a “defense-only” fifth outfielder. By saying this do you mean that you believe he is a quality outfielder that we should be installing into games in key defensive situations? If so then I would have to disagree. I have never seen him make a great outfield play in his career. I am not sure how he won 5 gold gloves in Japan, unless the gold glove means something there like the “Golden Sombrero” means here. Maybe in Japan a gold glove is awarded to a player that makes 5 errors in a game and somewhere during translation the cardinals were fooled.

If by saying he is a “defense-only” fifth outfielder, you mean that on a team such as ours, with an admittedly weak outfield, that he is our fifth best option, then I would agree with you there.

Again sorry to horde, the message board but I am about to explode inside and the only cure for this is to watch the game tonight SO-less.

Hate to join in on the So banter and continue the hijacking of this thread, and don’t want to stir up any more ****. I do remember though, back in ’05 when Jimmy went down, so came in and filled up the ESPN highlight reels for about 2 weeks with great play after great play, including robbing a home run. So yes, he can play gold glove defense, even in the U.S.

Sunday was my 3rd opening day in a row. It was a beautiful night for a ball game and the place looked great, although I’m still a little partial to the old Busch. Didn’t seem like the crowd got into it much except for the 2 times we had the bases loaded. Is Ernie still playing the organ? It just seemed quiet in the stadium compared to the games in October.

I love it. The Mets are kicking tail!

I wouldn’t say the Mets are beating us more as we’re beating ourselves. 7 double plays in 2 games? Ugh. In fact, I wouldn’t celebrate just yet, Mets fan. Your only two quality starters won their 2 games.😉

Anyways, I went to the game and didn’t notice much aside from what’s mentioned here. I’ve never had a negative opinion of the ballpark, just thought it needed memories (which it got, thanks to So and Co.). I’m more upset by the fact that I’ve been to about 6 or 7 games in new Busch and NOBODY signs autographs anymore. Not even for kids! Wonder what’s up with that?

It has never been explained to me why the Cardinals did not resign Rafael Bellaird. He helped the Cards win the World Series. I noticed he is 3 for 7 so far for the Nationals.

I am pretty sure they did not sign him because they were able to sign Adam Kennedy, who in my opinion, is a superior player. Belliard is not a “Larussa” type player either in my opinion.

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