Carp to miss a start

Chris Carpenter has some inflammation in his right elbow and will skip his scheduled Friday start. He has not been placed on the DL.

For the time being, everyone will be bumped up a day. Wainwright will start Friday, Reyes Saturday, Wells Sunday, Looper Monday and then they’ll have a decision to make on Tuesday. A story will be up on the site before long, and we’ll flesh it out further as more info becomes available.



That’s some pretty bad news. If he goes on the DL, who comes into replace him?

I have removed the classless post that cheered someone’s injury. I won’t tolerate that here, from anyone about any player from any team.


That’s absolutely right. But the Cards are in some seriously deep sh*t if Carp isn’t back soon.

if he’s hurt who will start? spiezio? cal eldred? hey how did narveson look in spring training?

Does it really matter? Below .500 missing the playoffs…thats Cardinals 2007 baseball.

Brad —

If you have something to add to the discussion, by all means, please participate. Fans of any and all teams are welcome. Lively discussion and informed disagreement are warmly welcome here. Talking ball often involves disagreement, and that can be half the fun.

If all you’re going to do is insult people, insult teams and cheer when guys get hurt, take it somewhere else. It’s not welcome. It doesn’t add anything and it’s not what I want here.




Are you that bitter because the Cardinals are not going to be good this year?

-Big B

Dude, seriously, do you get your jollies from irritating other people? If not, why do you do it? And if so, you’re pathetic. What a sad existence you must lead.

“Ohhh lookie there!!!! Someone on the internet I can perturb.” *little bell ringing* (I’m sure everyone can get the South Park ringing). That is the sad existence that brad behnke lives.

Let me give you some advice, since you obviously need it… Get a life, get a hobby. People like you are driving my taxes up as you are surely a loser, do nothing but sit on your computer and eat. Due to your lack of activity, you are going to develop type II diabetes when you are 35. Then, your lack of intelligence will prevent you from being able to understand how to control it.

Thus, by the time you are 50, you will be living on 15 types of medication and require 13 surgeries by the time you are 55. A few will be to repair your heart that has been damaged by only getting your excercise from masturbation which, by the way, you will lose your ability to do at the ripe age of 33 due to carpal tunnel syndrome. The other surgeries will be to replace your kidneys and liver which will be damaged by your inability to control your blood sugar.

And referring to the aforementioned lack of intelligence you have, I will surmise you won’t have a good enough job to pay for your health insurance, thus you will be doing all this on the government’s dime which is in reality my dime, since I have to pay taxes. So, please for everyone’s sake and more importantly your own, please stop being such a loser and get a hobby other than surfing the internet for hours at a time looking for people to upset. The world will be a better place.

I was under the impression that swelling in the elbow usually meant torn ligaments. That would obviously be catastrophic to the Cardinal’s season. Hopefully it’s nothing, but this is pretty much the same response we got from the medical staff conerning Rolen in 2005 and Mulder in 2006, I think…act like it’s no big deal and then bam: dunzo.

It sure is bitter in St. Louis this year. Everyone is really crabby after the 2 wonderful losses to the Mets.

As far as your advice…

I feel sorry for you to go through all of that and now go through the Cardinals stinking it up. You have no clue who I am and won’t ever have a clue. I run 3 miles a day, work an 8 1/2 hour shift and then work another part time job. I really think you need to look at yourself and who you are before you go making crabby comments.

For heavens sake, folks, it’s only been two games of a 162 game season. Who knows how the team will be? If Carpenter has to sit for awhile, it won’t be a problem. We have plenty of guys who can pitch. Everything will be fine.

The only immediate concern I have is to wake up the bats…they just aren’t hitting like themselves.

First of all, I didn’t think my comments were crabby. I was simply trying to help you out brother as you obviously need it.

Second, your obsession with an 0-2 start shows how little you know about baseball. To prove how little this start means, I will point out that the Cardinals started 1-3 the year they won 105 games. This also ties in with my overall point of your ignorance. Further, the fact that you need to work two jobs also suggests that your primary job doesn’t have a health insurance policy and I will be picking up your medical bills later in life.

Third, the fact that you take little pot shots at me and other Cardinals fans such as: “It sure is bitter in St. Louis this year”, “Everyone is really crabby after the 2 wonderful losses to the Mets.” “I feel sorry for you” “Cardinals stinking it up.” shows that I was further correct in assuming that you get your jollies by irritating other people, and, brad, let me say that is extremely pathetic. You are a poor representative of the human race. Sadly, I can’t say you are unrepresentative of NY fans I’ve encountered, however.

Fourth, you don’t run 3 miles a day. That implies that you run 3 miles every day. No one does this. Everyone takes days off. And those that do workout routinely have a schedule. And when they are asked about their workout schedule, they tell of their routine. You obviously don’t run three miles a day.

Nothing in this post is crabby, only my deductions and the facts I used to come to conclusions.

In conclusion, I am simly stating you are a liar and someone who tries to annoy people. I wish I was as cool as you are.

Brad Behnke wrote:
“I really think you need to look at yourself and who you are before you go making crabby comments.”

M. has decided to let the proverbial sleeping dogs lie, but I cannot. I do not expect to “win” with you, sir, but I cannot keep silent.

I think that perhaps you should heed your own advice before making what I consider disparaging comments about my husband. You asked if M. was bitter about the Cardinals not being any good. Writing this implies that M. is not an impartial journalist delivering the news. M. does not root for the Cardinals, does not wear red to the ballpark ever, and doesn’t have a stake in the outcome of the season beyond getting to cover the postseason. Yes, there are players that he hopes do well because he likes them as people. But to insinuate that M. is “crabby” because the Cardinals aren’t doing well is ridiculously insulting.

And, before you accuse me of being a bitter fan, too, know this: I could care less about Cardinals baseball and I don’t follow the team. I do, however, get my hackles up when you make statements that implicitly attack my husband’s journalistic credibility.

Mrs. Dude

Yeah, those Mets really hurt us. I’m guessing we swung at everything because the bling of our rings blinded our players. They sure are shiny, like the other nine rings our franchise has.

Mrs. Dude, don’t get so worked up over a Mets fan. They live in a city with two baseball teams and cheer for the historic loser (sound familiar? *cough* Chicago *cough*). I think that sums up their dilemma.😉 Matt’s a fantastic beat writer, and provided fantastic spring training coverage this year, in particular.

Looper’s breezing through his former team. Lookin’ sharp, or the Mets are just horrible hitters.

Good one, Zoo – Mets winning 10 zip, Cards have one hit, Cards on the verge of being swept like spilled crumbs on a floor and you say the “Mets are just horrible hitters” ? I wonder if you and I are watching the same game!! Apparently that “bling” on those rings are blinding you also

Yep, the Mets played a good one in those late innings. Gotta tip your cap. They won 3 games, much like the NLCS.

Brad has a point. Three games, 2 runs, give up 20.

I think Jocketty screwed up BIG TIME in not keeping Suppan, and keeping Edmonds, Isrighausen and Wilson.

Wouldn’t you like to see Renteria and Grudzelanick up the middle?

We are the World Champions and we did it with Walt and company, let’s trust their ability to get the job done.
1) 2 world series in 3 years

2) Best record in baseball for the decade

3) 4 Consecutive division titles

These guys get paid big bucks to do their jobs. Jeff Suppan is not a $10 million dollar pitcher and the Brewers will realize that. Don’t forget Mark Mulder is returning mid-season, Looper looks very good after 2 starts, Kip Wells is delivering the same that Suppan would have, and the bats will come alive:Pujols, Rolen, Edmonds-they are proven and enough to carry the team with Eck getting on base and Duncan getting meat pitches hitting in front of Pujols, Isringhousen is healthy and looks really strong. It’s a long season and if the guys aren’t getting it done then I trust the brain trust of the Cardinals to make the right move.

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