Lucky Seven, the-sky-is-falling edition

Here’s the first Lucky Seven ever posted with the Cardinals 0-3. For what that’s worth.

1. People seem pretty dissatisfied with the outfield so far. What’s the solution? Call up Rodriguez and play him regularly? Commit to Ankiel? Remember that , if Anks is called up, you’re pretty much committing to playing him every day because he needs the ABs. Make a trade, and if so for whom? (Milwaukee has excess OFs, to name one option, but remember if you trade to get an OF, you remove one chip for a possible trade for bullpen help). Play Schumaker every day, or otherwise re-jigger the playing time of the guys currently on the roster? Sit tight and have faith that things will work out? Nothing is off limits, but remember that any action has real-world consequences.

2. Same question, but about the bullpen. If you don’t like it, what do you propose they do about it? Or do you think the bullpen is just fine? Any well-considered viewpoint is invited.

3. Grade Wells’ and Looper’s first starts. Why did you like or not like what you saw? What do you want to see them do going forward?

4. What’s your take on the overall level of play by the Cards to this point? Championship hangover? Distracted by ceremonies and whatnot? Just not a very good ballclub? Playing decent but a couple of key points have turned against them? A good team that simply had a bad series? Basically, what do you make of games 1-3 in terms of things like defense, baserunning, quality of at-bats, etc.?

5. What player impressed you most in the first few days of the season from games OTHER than the Mets-Cards series?

6. As a follow-up to last week, what’s the best city in America for a weekend getaway? The catch is this — you can’t name any of the three most obvious (to me): New York, Chicago and San Francisco are all off limits.

7. Also as a follow-up to last week, what’s the last fiction book you read that you would heartily recommend to someone?




1. I would Schumaker at bats over Wilson/Taguchi etc. I was impressed that he hit glavine and his defense is no worse than Wilson or Duncan. None of the options you proposed seem that attractive. What do YOU think we should do? You know more than me for sure.

2.I think the bullpen will adjust but I think that Hancock is rather useless. He has never really impressed me in any of his appearances. Perhaps bring up narveson or dennis dove and see what they do? Change a losing strategy, keep a winning one. Hancock isn’t a winner.

3. Liked both Wells and Looper. Both performed well against what is unquestionably the best offense in the NL and one of the best in baseball.

5. Just saw Dice-K. Cant believe that the guy has never used ice and is still pitching like an ace. Granted it was against the hapless royals but the guy still struck out 10.

6. Not Providence RI where I am living right now. Boston is mad fun I think. San Diego is really pretty.

7. Indecision by Benjamin Kunkle is incredible. Catcher in the Rye with a 30 year old Holden Caulfield narrator set in the 21st century.

– Ben

1. I personally would like to see Wilson or Taguchi sent out and replaced with Eli Marrero. He can play just about anywhere and he hit better than either of them in the spring. John Rodriguez would be a good option too. I agree that Ankiel needs to stay in Memphis this year, he needs the at-bats.
2. I think the bullpen did all right. Losing Kinney was tough, but there isn’t anything that you can do about that. I wouldn’t do anything drastic with them, unlike the outfield which I was wary of from the start of the spring.

3. Looper really impressed with his command, and Wells wasn’t bad either. If the defense had come up better in all three games I think the pitching would have looked a lot better.

4. In the opener against Glavine they made good contact and the Mets D just came up big for him. The defense on the other hand, especially from Wilson and Taguchi was not so good. Taguchi misplayed several balls, and Wilson just didn’t seem to hustle. I don’t know what happened against Maine, they just couldn’t get it going.

7. As for fiction, I haven’t read anything new lately, though I am rereading the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy for the first time in about four years. You forget just how hilarious it is.

1. Too early to tell. Well-managed teams don’t let a 3-game series in April stampede them into doing something dumb that will haunt them for the rest of the year. That said, offensively Preston Wilson wasn’t all that good last year (.243/.300/.486 isn’t much production for a corner outfielder) and Taguchi has never been all that good. The team needs one as an Edmonds backup, but shouldn’t carry both of them; dump one and bring back J-Rod. Yes, it creates a vulnerability to left-handed pitching, but life’s tough. Get Ankiel at-bats at Memphis and hope that either he or Colby Rasmus develops fast.
2. Same comment — patience — but at least there are viable options in the minors, so maybe a little less patience than with the outfield. Don’t wait too long to pull the plug on Hancock and Springer and bring up Dove. Mop-up relievers are fungible…

3. Adequate. Looper needs more stamina, but presumably that will come in time.

4. This series confirms that as Albert Pujols goes, so go the Cardinals. He URGENTLY needs to get out his funk, whatever it is — and yes, Matthew, I know what you said about that, but my eyes tell me otherwise.

5. Grady Sizemore is off to a good start (reminder: I picked him for AL MVP).

6. Nowhere comes CLOSE to Albuquerque/Santa Fe, New Mexico.

7. Could I go for webfiction instead of a book? The Errant Story webcomic ( is by far the most gripping fantasy I have read in at least 20 years. Go read it, then send them money.

1) wait until the trade deadline. the cards offense has been slipping for several years in a row now with little help coming up in the system. pitching wins out but need another impact bat to compete.
2)bullpen will sort out

3)predictable. wells is a #4 or 5 starter and he pitched like one. looper ran out of gas after 530+ relief appearances – great effort.

4)team does not seem to be competing hard and similar to last year are showing little emotion during the regular season.

6)Bend, OR

7)Monkey Wrench Gang

1. Bring up J-Rod and play him and Duncan on the corners nearly every day. Preston sparsely (or against lefties) until he stops being a *******’ idiot at the plate.

2. Tyler Johnson looks fantastic lately. Not worried about Hancock. This weather is rough on the pitchers’ arms, which everyone must keep in mind. They’ll heat up with the weather.

3. Wells did well. B, but he just couldn’t keep those errors under control. I was there in person, and liked what I saw, aside from giving the pitcher that big hit. I’ll give Looper a B+. Great command with first pitch strikes and some key strikeouts. He got beat by a good hitter in Beltran in the 6th; it’s not like he surrendered a home run to the pitcher. He also whipped Delgado all night long. I was very impressed, more so than I figured I’d be.

4. Drunk on that WS banner and those useless spring training games. If we lose the series to the ice cold, lost-three-to-the-Pirates Astros, then I’ll worry. Until then, we weren’t prepared and played arguably the best team in baseball that we just so happened to beat in the playoffs, so they were looking for revenge. I actually predicted a sweep, so I’m not worried. I’ll call it a wake up call.

5. Miguel Cabrera. He’s chewing teams alive in my fantasy league.

6. Again, I loved Minneapolis. Big city with a little town vibe to it, much like St. Louis. Very relaxing, with some fun live music clubs. Wish I could recall the names of them, though. Much preferred to those big cities you’ve mentioned.

7. Lullaby by Chuck Palahniuk was **** good.

1. Ichiro. He is in his walk year, and likely traded anyway. He’s probably the best defensive RF in the game. He has some pop when he needs it, which would make him a great #2 hitter in a LaRussa lineup. He can definitely get on base, and be that second sparkplug our offense needs so desperately. The price will be high, but…

2. I’ve basically given up judging the bullpen since they turned it around late last year. I’m willing to give them a few more weeks to prove themselves.

3. I liked both of them. Looper (A-/B+) had great command, but really seemed to run out of steam at the end; that should get better. Kip Wells (B) did great; the lineup just failed him. I especially liked that, when he got into a jam, he fought back out of it. Seems like a good sign.

4. The errors worry me. Hitting into that many double plays…there’s some luck involved there. But the errors and misplays, especially Wilson’s… It seems like they’re trying to hard.

5. Dice-K. That was a nasty game.

6. No San Francisco? *sighs* Well, there’s Minneapolis. Beautiful town, some really nice shopping, some great chains and restaurants I haven’t found elsewhere, and Johan Santana.

7. Storm of Swords, by George R.R. Martin. Best book I’ve read in a decade.

1.) I say stick it out in the outfield until at least the Break. I wish we could have John Rodriguez and So.(sorry. I just can’t call him J-Rod. Sounds dumb.)So is not an everyday outfielder in the Bigs, but I still like him off the bench. Obviously (to me), it’s not that he plays bad D, despite what some have said on here. All of the left fielders this series lost balls in the lights. They’ll get used to it.
2.)I like the ‘pen except for Josh Hancock. I’m just not convinced with him. But I say leave it like it is for now and give the man a chance. I hope he proves his naysayers wrong…including me.

3.)I liked Wells’ performance and have alwys thought of him as a good Big League hurler. He’ll do fine. Looper, on the other hand, was good but hasn’t convinced me he can ake the transition to starter. Remember, he has never thrown 100 innnings as a big leaguer. I don’t think he has it in him. Again, I hope he proves me wrong.

4.)We played this series like we didn’t care if we won or not. Championship hangover. 4 errors and only 2 runs in 3 games!? It seemed like they thought Spring Training was still going on.

5.)Brian McCann. Dude can hit. Obviously, he’s not a golfer.

6.)Not a good answer, I know. But I gotta say St.Louis. There is so much you can do in STL without spending all of your money. That’s nice.

7.) Going back to last week. I have a non-fiction book I want people to read. It’s called Horns, Hogs, and Nixon Coming: Texas vs. Arkansas in Dixie’s Last Stand by Terri Frei. Excellent combination of sports, politics, and history.

1. I don’t necessarily think that there is somebody really worth trading for. So I think playing Duncan/J-Rod is a good plan. The combination of Wilson and Taguchi are just not good.

2. I think the bullpen will be fine. Losing Kinney was a blow, but they will find their rhythm.

3. Wells was pretty decent. Bt. I still think of him in a negative way because of his past performances on other teams, but hopefully he will grow on me. Looper, he was left in too long and I wonder if he has the stamina to go deep in the ballgame.

4. I think there is a bit of a hangover from the Series and the defense looked sloppy. I hope Kennedy improves in the infield. I think as soon as they start hitting things will improve.

5. The obvious answer is Dice-K, but other than him Arod giving the Yankee fans a curtain call when they probably don’t deserve it.

6. Memphis is nice, great bbq, great music festival, and the redbirds.

7. Goodnight Nobody by Jennifer Weiner-good chick lit.

Ben–I’m going to have to try to track down Indecision. I’d never heard of it until you brought it up. Thanks!

Bulldogo–Hitchhiker’s is a blast. Love it!

Zoopnova–Chuck P. is one of my favorite writers. I loved Lullaby and when I finished I was totally freaked.

Casie–Jenifer Weiner is an awesome writer. Do you read her blog?

Mrs. Dude

6. Either Napa/Sonoma or Vegas, methinks.

7.I’m slowly reading the Jessica Darling novels by Megan McCafferty. I just finished Second Helpings. It’s YA fiction, though. So, maybe, Basket Case by Carl Hiaasen?

Mrs. Dude

Mrs. Dude,
I do read Jennifer Weiner’s blog, it is funny stuff. I read the Jessica Darling novels by Megan McCafferty too. I have the third one, but she took so long in writing it that I need to read the other two again before I read it. I love Carl Hiaasen too.

1. Schumaker/Wilson platoon. If Schumaker is a bust after two weeks, and So Taguchi is still not hitting, demote/release Taguchi and bring up J-Rod. Wilson and Schumaker are your best bench outfielders until they prove otherwise.

2. The bullpen will probably be more obvious, but let’s wait before we start blowing up the ship.

3. I’d give both a C+. Good early, not-so-good late, offense/defense let them both down.

4. I think this is a good team that had a bad series. Lots of distractions and mistakes, but they’re all just excuses to answer the people who are losing their **** minds. It’s three games folks. Chill.

5. Dice-K looked pretty good last night.

6. San Diego or Vegas.

7. Can’t remember the last fiction book I read. I only read non-fiction books. I get my fiction from movies.

1. I honestly think that this is going to be a year where TLR is just gonna play around a lot with the lineup and see if he can find something that works. We have some good prospects that need at least one more year in Memphis before they’ll be ready and I think we’ll have to give those guys a year to get ready instead of signing someone that could take their place. I’ve never been too impressed with Wilson… I think he’s let it get to his head that he’s a “power hitter” and tries to hit the long ball every at bat. Duncan’s a viable option but I just don’t have a lot of confidence in him developing into a true outfielder. So can impress but is definitely not an every day player. I have confidence in Schumaker, he has the most potential and should be used as often as possible in a year like this where we don’t have any definite starters.

2. I think the bullpen will straighten themselves out. Like most everyone else, I have my doubts about Hancock but don’t think anything should be changed just yet.

3. Looper will continue to improve and gave a very respectable performance. His stamina will improve and if Dunc thinks that this guy can start, so do I. Didn’t catch Wells start so can’t comment.

4. Honestly, there are kinks to iron out at the start of every season (especially with a line up with so many variables as ours right now). The Mets had something to prove and took advantage of all of our kinks. We all know how much TLR likes to play around with the lineup and sooner or later he’ll find something that he likes and once he gets there we’ll get into our grove.

5. In my house we watch the Cardinals and (GASP) the Cubs (interclub marriage). I can’t bring myself to care enough about anyone that plays for the Cubs to pay attention so, sadly, I have no answer.

6. Memphis. Hands down. You have good food, you have an amazing music scene (lucky for you if you catch B. B. King at his club), and you can catch a game at AutoZone Park (always a pleasant experience).

7. The Romanov Prophecy by Steve Berry or Map of Bones by James Rollins of the popular historical fact bent/woven into a great action/mystery genre. Better than The DaVinci Code… comparable to Angels & Demons. For the ladies…I HIGHLY recommend anything by Jane Green. Great British woman author that has wonderful wit and writes stories that are smart enough to take you a step above Jackie Collins but still don’t make you think too much. Great summer/beach reads.

The Cardinals tried to play it cheap after winning the Series.

They never should have let Suppan get away. He can “eat innings” and was a valuable anchor along with Carpenter to the staff. Marquis was no loss, nor was Weaver for that matter, but tehy offered Suppan 3 years and he wanted 4. The Brewers stepped up.

They kept Edmonds in center, and he’s finished. He strikes out more than he hits. They made no attempt to get a quality CF.

They are saddled in the OF with an aging Taguchi, the aforementioned Edmonds, and retreads Wilson and Encarnacion, as well as Duncan, who might as well play without a glove for all he can catch.

Then there’s the bullpen..Isrighausen…he’s done. Wainwright should be there and Suppan in the starter role. What was Jocketty thinking that he could go with Wainwright, Reyes, etc. as starters?

I’m still mad they let Renteria and Grudzelanick get away. Again, play it cheap.

Hey Walt, keep it up and you won’t see 3 million in attendance.

1) Send So down, call up Rodriguez and start Duncan and Edmonds everyday. Then TLR can have his fun with his mix and match in between Skip, PW, and JRod in RF, and I would really lean heavily on Rodriguez until he proves he can’t do it.

2) BP–ugh– leave it be. Sometimes I think an offensive slump lends itself to bad pitching. Give the BP a little while longer before we throw them under the bus.

3) Did what was expected of them. (B)

4) This team just isn’t as good as it was three or two years ago, or even last year. The opening day outfield had the lowest combined OPS of any outfield in baseball and the D wasn’t there and still isn’t. Duncan helps pull the OPS up to respectable, but…come on. If you’re not going to spend money on pitching, you are going to need an OF that can put some runs up…not a run of the mill outfield.

5) Elijah Dukes, Tampa Bay Center Fielder

6) Honolulu

7) Lost Horizon

1. I would love to see duncan playing everyday in left, leaving schumaker to spell Jimmy in center and J-rod taking most of the ab in right. Taguchi is the odd man out as I like Wilson’s ability to hit for power coming off the bench.

2. The bullpen is fine, and one thing no one is talking about is what happens when Mulder comes back after the all-star break. Assuming Mulder pitches to his capabilities what happens to the rotation? Does Looper go back to the pen at that point? That would fix the 8th inning “problem”.

3. I didn’t get to see the wells game, but I was very impressed with Looper’s start. Excellent command and he handled the left handed hitters very well until the Beltran home run. At that point he appeared to be out of gas, so that is what I’ll be looking for as he progresses. Can he keep making his pitches into the 6th and 7th innings.

4. I’m very nervous about the offense. The quality of atbats have been terrible. Right now the only players that appear ready to play are eck, rolen and kennedy. I’m sure albert will turn it around quickly, but the rest of the line up i have great concerns about.

5. Ben sheets. Which is big trouble for the cardinals.

6. Philadelphia

7. I’m going to answer the original and offer non-fiction. David Eggers “A heartbreaking tale of Staggering Genius” was an excellent read. As was “Killing Bono” by an author whose name is escaping me at the moment.

In reverse order, just cause I like the last question best.
7. Non-fiction: Leadership by Rudolph Giuliani. Good advice for business leaders, political leaders, non-profit group leaders, and even professional baseball team leaders.

Fiction: The Bridge to Terebithia. I just reread it. Still as good as the first time fifteen years ago when I read it to my children. Read it to your kids.

6. Sorry I am a small town rural kind of guy. I only enjoy visiting big cities once in a while. You can’t beat St. Louis though. I know it doesn’t answer your question Matt. But for all the small towners like me; let me remind them of all the free stuff to do in St. Louis: FREE!

The Zoo (in the same quality leage as San Diego but no $40 per person admission), The Missouri Botanical Gardens (free on select days), The Muni Opera for Broadway Musicals (the back 10% of seats are free, go early and picnic on the back steps to ensure getting a free seat), The Brewery Tour, Grant’s Farm (admission free by appointment) The Museum at the arch and many many other attractions are free in St. Louis. Spend your money on the Cardinals games and great food but don’t miss the other wonderful good times for free.

5. I didn’t see it, but apparently Matsuzka lived up to some of the hype.

4. A lot of celebration distraction, uncharacteristically poor hitting, VERY uncharacteristically poor defense (errors), but more than anything: The thing Matt probably left out on purpose to see if we would get it. That is an EXCELLENT, powerful, talented Mets team that was already playing in mid-season form. I think they will make a lot of other teams look mediocre this year.

3. I liked what I saw from Braden and Kip. I think if all 5 stay healthy we will have a very good rotation. Of course injuries to any of the big 5 or 6 players in general(Pujols, Carpenter, Rolen, Edmonds, Duncan, Molina) could devastate the whole season. We are not deep with great talent, we are deep with good talent.

2. I think we will be O.K.

1. I am happy with Duncan and Emonds. Can I have Beltran for free? Just beg the Mets to give him to us. Seriously, I think we have to trust Walt to make the right decision down the road, and trust Tony to disperse the AB’s at the right time when a players bat gets hot. Also trust them to bring up Ankiel or JRod at the RIGHT time. They have shown good judgement in the past.

Ashley–Jane Green is excellent.

Rob–I bought that David Eggers book a while ago and never read it. I’ll have to dig it out.

HKaden–Bridge to Terebithia is good but so, so sad.

Mrs. Dude

Mrs. Dude–My grown sons still remember the day they were both home sick from school and I sat in bed with them and read it to them. It scared them a bit to see their big strong tough dad balling like a baby, until I explained how beautiful it was for the boy to include his little sister in the land of Terebithyia. Thanks for sharing Matt with us all those nights he has to be away.

gwzimm, who was there on the market besides Jimmy? Honestly? Beyond that, he’s deserving of the extension. And I’m more than happy with Eckstein at short instead of Renteria, who never played with passion come playoff time. And WHY ON *******’ EARTH DO YOU WANT WAINWRIGHT PITCHING ONE INNING EVERY OTHER DAY!?!?!?!?!? I’m sorry, but whenever someone doesn’t want Wainwright, a career starter, in the rotation, it just baffles the living daylights out of me. He’s our #2 starter as far as I’m concerned, and #1 in two years. Seriously. I don’t mean to sound uppity, I just honestly can’t fathom what you’re saying… Wainwright in the ‘pen, a washed up Suppan being overpaid in the rotation, no legitimate centerfielder, Renteria instead of Eckstein for triple the price… I’m just very happy you’re not in charge of my favorite team, no offense.😉

1. Call Rodriguez up, platoon him with Wilson. Use So as a late inning defensive replacement.
2. Not much you can do. I think the answer should’ve been decided long ago, just put Franklin in there and Looper back as the set up pitcher.

3. Wells first start I’d give a B. The lead off walks were killer, both lead to earned runs. The 7 strikeouts were nice. By the 100 pitch mark, he seemed to be a little gassed. I didn’t see Looper’s start. Going forward I see Wells doing just fine, posting an ERA in the 4.00-4.30 range. I don’t like the Looper in the rotation experiment.

4. I’m not sure,maybe hung over. Very flat looking. It’s only 3 games, I’m not too worried…yet.

5. Chris Duncan’s overall hustle, his apparent improvement on defense and overall play.

6. Sadly, I don’t get out much.

7. Hooked on Phonics didn’t work for me.

1. Well, and quite surprised that the Cards signed wilson in the off-season and rather disappointed that Rodriguez was sent down in the first place, but I would have to just see how things work out and let TRL do his job.
2. The bullpen IS going to have its ups and downs. Some sort of addition would be nice but I dunno what you do.

3.I’ve only answered 2 questions and I gotta say this is the hardest lucky seven i’ve done. Both Wells and Looper were basically question marks in there first startsbut I wasn’t disappinted with what they did sure it could of been better but it was at least a c

4. I got hand it to the Mets they played great but what I dont understand is why people think that because we are world champs that we can win 90+ games with practicly the same team that won 83 games last year? Beat those Astros Cards!

5. I guess Contreras allwing 7 runs in the first inning

See? How could you want a guy like that wasting his arm in the ‘pen when he can go seven dominant innings?😉 Amazing. What a double play there, too. Wow. I haven’t been that excited over a defensive Cardinal play since 2000, when I wasn’t used to Jimmy in center. Great stuff.

I’m just gonna respond to the first one. Duncan should be a regular everyday outfielder. I know LaRussa loves the left/right matchups, but for god sakes I’ve seen Duncan go yard on lefties on several occasions, one on a pinch hit in the postseason if you all remember. He works really hard, and I completely disagree with everyone’s bias against his past defensive ability. Ya, like watching Taguchi on Opening night made me feel any better. No. So And Preston must not play. I Like Taguchi, but he contributes so little. So…Edmonds, Duncan, and Spezio. Platoon Encarnacion and Spezio when Juan gets back. That is it. Wilson should never start a single game, nor should Taguchi. They are two old men who contribute very very little compared to what we could get from the other two. Skip…I’m not even gonna mention. And JRod…I remember him hitting, and I also remember him not hitting. You can give me all the OBP numbers you want…there’s a reason he’s been in the minors that long. As long as the Duncan & Duncan tandem are in tact, Chris will be the stud in Left. That’s fo sho.

1. Wilson needs to go, full stop. I also, wouldn,t mind seeing So sent out/down as well. He seems to me like an older and more expensive version of Skip. Get rid of them both, let Duncan start everyday and bring up Rodriguez and Marrero. You’ve got Skip for late inning defense and running and to spell Jimmy. Rodriguez to get on base against righties, and Eli can take some pinch hitting duties away from Gary Bennett.

2. I’ll defer to an earlier poster… relievers are fungible. PLEASE don’ move even a marginal prospect for right handed set-up. Someone from Memphis will stick and in the meantime I wouldn’t mind TJ facing a few righties.

3. I thought Wells looked pretty darn good. A k an inning against the Mets? I’ll take it, A minus. As for Looper, he did about what I expected, not quite as bad as I feared. If it was runnning out of gas, thats fine, the conditioning may still get there. I’m worrrid though, that it may be a matter of an undervaried repertoire getting easy to recognize the third time through the order. If that’s the case, he’s in trouble.

4. A really good team faced a mediocre team that still hasn’t figured itself out AND had a few bad breaks. I still think the Cards are good enough to take the division.

5. I’ve only watched the Cards/Mets series, but Beltran looked pretty good in the field.

6. Sonoma is the most beautiful and laid back place in the country, I try to get there every year, but if its a city getaway, Seattle is a beautiful city with a super easygoing vibe and a great performing arts scene, and significantly cheaper than San Francisco or New York.

7. The Road by Cormac Mccarthy is one of the most perfect, spare, and beautiful novels in the English language. I know its an Oprah book, but **** it, she got it right.

1.) Has Skip earned his way into a starter’s role? If not, bring up J-Rod (who I think would start for many major league teams), and your mainstay outfielders should be Duncan in right, Edmonds in Center, and J-Rod in left. BTW – with Guchi’s defensive blunders both last season, and in this year’s opener, I think Rodriguez might be almost as effective as a fielder – and I have seen him make some killer throws.

2.)Hated to see them let Rincon go so quickly. Kinney’s injury may prove to be the camel’s straw that he smoked and gave him cancer…I agree with above poster that said to let TJ get some rightys. I almost feel like Thompson and Hancock are brothers, and Lee Smith might be their daddy.

3.) I would give Wells an A, Looper a B+. The Mets are really, really good. Neither guy got torched, just did what we asked of guys Suppan, Williams, and Marquis – Keep us in the ballgame.

4.) I HOPE it was a hangover. The fielding and the bullpen scare me more than anything. We looked like we were playing in the midst of an eight game losing streak, and that concerns me.

5.) I know I’m late, but geez, this Matsuzaka guy looked great. But, he was pitching against the Royals, so……

6.) Washington D.C. Ok, I’m a nerd and like history, and museums.

7.) Read “Beowulf” in full. Loved it.

fuegophil, was it the newish Seamus Haney translation? awesome, readable stuff…

Yeah. Good stuff for sure.

1. Let Duncan play every single day. The only time you play Taguchi is when Jimmy is out. Split RF between Shumaker and Wilson–Leave Spezio out of it. I would also be in favor of having JRod play fulltime in RF. We should trade or release Wilson. He’s only there for his clubhouse influence.

2. Bullpen is fine.

3. Wells got a lot of grounders. I thought it was pretty good (he can do better) for a FIRST start I’ll give it a 7/10. I’m thrilled with Looper. He did a great job! 8/10.

4. They’re not striking out too much. Making contact, just not getting the hits. I don’t care who you’re talking about, if you’re Number 1 and 2 guys aren’t hitting well, the team won’t do well. Pujols and Rolen have to lock it up. Everyone else will follow.

5. DUNCAN. Play him every day.

6. Denver is really nice… Omaha and San Diego are fun also.

7. Harry Potter—all of them.

Just noticed that question five was for other players in other games….. Dimitri Young looks like he will be in good form.

1. not sure about the OF but why isn’t spezio getting more playing time.

2.Bullpen is fine. Not as good as last year without wainwright and looper but still okay.

3. Wells did pretty well. Looper did great until he got tired. You could tell he was just done and TLR left him in about 3 batters too long. He’s not going to be able to go forever in a game.

4. They seem to be playing really flat. No energy

5.Duncan. No errors so far and hitting well against lefties.

6. Vegas

7. Love jane green. Jennifer weiners good in bed is her best and most funny. Just finished the Romanov prophecy by steve berry and enjoyed that one. Anything by Alice Sebold

Spiezio has had back problems as of late, I believe. Agreed, though, I’d start him over So and Preston.

I would like to offer an opinion, but I’m blacked out of all the games this year so haven’t been able to watch what’s happening. Matthew, can you write an article about the blackouts? They’re widespread and many fans are UPSET. Things have changed dramatically this year. We need help! Many of us are getting desperate.

Yeah blackouts are rough. Thought ka-yip wells pitched really uh.. wells. Seriously though,*****. Also glad that AP is back on track. Even Yadier Pujols was awesome. Is there anything cooler than the post homerun ritual that AP does with Yadi? I think not.

I like spezio over taguchi and taguchi over wilson. If we get rid of taguchi we won’t have a single base stealing threat on the team.

However, I am convinced that if there were two strikes, Preston Wilson would swing at a pickoff attempt at first. He truly enjoys striking out. Please let us get rid of him Walt, PLEASE! Matthew, will you explain why we keep this guy who cannot get on base in our lineup? Thanks


Okay p14167…. have you been stealing ALL the books off my bookshelf????

1. Duncan and Shumaker are teh best for the job in my opinoin. They are future every day starters for some team whether it be the Cardinals or they get traded away. Might as well let them get thier bats in the line-up. Taguchi, Spezio, and Wilson are all great weapons coming off the bench but without injuries to everyday players I don’t see them in a starting role.
2. Whether it seems so at this point or not I think the bullpen has improved from last year. All the young guys have another year under thier belts and they added some needed bullpen help as well. If Mulder makes a strong comeback later this season I would imagine a struggling member of the bullpen will move down and a starter will move to the bullpen making it more solid. Carpenter’s injury is the only caution flag I see thus far for the whole team.

3. Wells and Looper both pitched really well in my opinion. But it’s definately too early to determine who is a better fit.

4. Carpenter’s injury is the only caution flag I see thus far for the whole team. Pujols will no doubt get back to his dominating ways and hopefully Rolen can stay healthy to ensure more ‘meaningful’ at bats for Albert. Defensively Molina has been amazing as always. If he bats .200 again this year I still don’t see him going anywhere. He seems to be very collected behind the plate and nearly never makes a mistake defensively. Kennedy’s defense has been kind of dissapointing. He seems nervous but he’s a seasoned player and there is no doubt he will continue to get back into the groove of things. New team but Eck will help him get where he needs to be.. Not to mention the weather has been making teams look sloppy all around the league.

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