Keisler to start Tues., Carp likely to DL

As usual, there will be more detail on all of this when my notebook goes up. But in the meantime, here are the morning updates from the pregame chat with TLR:

* Randy Keisler will start in Carpenter’s place on Tuesday. It would be his fifth day, after he went on Thursday in Memphis’ opener.

* The corresponding move likely will be to place Carpenter on the DL. He flew with the team out of Houston, then headed back to STL last night. He’s being checked out by Paletta today.

* Scott Spiezio is ill; he apparently has something resembling food poisoning. It’s uncertain whether he’ll come to the park or stay back at the hotel.



What’s Keisler’s story?

No Hawksworth? Darn, was looking forward to seeing him.

I think it will be interesting to watch him pitch. I heard good things about him in Spring. He could give us some bargaining chips.

Cardinals release of medical information seems as trustworthy and honest as the news coming out of Communist Russia in the 70’s. Between all the “barks”, “tweaks”, etc. it never seems like you get an honest assessment from LaRussa or management. It almost always is considerably worse than they indicate.

This may be old news and nothing to do with this post but congrats to pgw838@\ and for wining the contast a while back. But since nobody got question 3 right can have another contest for the third DVD?

P.S. was the person with the dream about Izzy starting on opening day right? Well I dreamed that Ryan Zimmerman became president of the U.S.A!

Wierd huh. It might have somthing to do with playing for washington.

Yup, we’ll have a contest of some sort for the third set. Not forgotten, I promise.


WHO????? If I’m asking that, I assume it’s not good. Let’s hope for the best.

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